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Greyson Myles talks us through his first scene at The GayVN Awards

by John Stevens
Greyson Myles, a curly haired Caucasian male with a big smile is chatting with Justin, a tattooed man wearing a purple shirt. They are both sitting on white pleather coaches.

CockyBoys exclusive Greyson Myles has a smile that can blind you. So, out-of-drag Disco Dollie, must have retinas of steel… or is just far more professional than I am and would’ve been in this exclusive interview!

At the GayVN Awards, Greyson—who was also one of the nominees for Fan-Favorite Best Newcomer—shared with us his experience shooting porn so far. He also shared with us the details of his first-ever porn scene, which received a nomination at the previous year’s GayVNs.


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Greyson’s first scene he ever shot was bottoming for the supreme top Austin Wolf. And just to add onto the pressure, it was a kink-scene where Greyson was face down on a bed, bound and blindfolded, ready to receive an anonymous deposit from Austin. That sounds like a winning combination to me, debut or otherwise!

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Now, I’m sure it requires viewing for all of us, even though it didn’t win last year. You know what they say about hindsight and all.

You can find the content of Greyson Myles on his OnlyFans, as well as on CockyBoys.

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