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The Wolf’s Den: Sex Toys Are Us

by Legrand Wolf

One of the positive side effects of the ubiquity of porn is that this younger generation isn’t really fazed by any kind of sex. We all know that porn normalizes sexual behavior, and so we have a whole group of men and women who proudly identify as kinksters and/or BDSM fans or queer or anything you might think up because they discovered it via porn. But one thing I don’t see nearly as much of in the gay sector is toy play, Toys are there in the kinky content, but if you’re not into those sub categories of porn, you’re not likely to see them.

But outside that, where are the toys? When my husband and I were creating our fantasy universe worlds for our sites, we wanted to create a series of experiences audiences could watch each model go through, that culminated in something spectacular. So we started designing what this universe should look like step by step and along the way, we got this idea that it can be really arousing to have punishment. So one step involved the model being spanked, both barehanded and with a paddle, before he’s jerked off and cums.

And we created a stage where they’re ceremoniously opened up, and it’s about that boy and his body. This is where a sex toy can really be used as a focal point. The audience almost becomes the other models holding this toy to elicit a response. We then came up with another, a set of graduated butt plugs spaced on a bench we called “The Priesthood Stretcher,” aka Legrand’s “Carnal Challenge,” where the model is using the toys on himself but for his and the group’s sexual pleasure. It is fun having a model prove their desire to be with the man at the end of the priesthood stretcher by showing off that he can take progressively taking larger and larger butt plugs. A riff on domination and submission, but in a fresh way, where we were able to get creative with the camerawork so you really see their hole stretching and opening up around these toys as the boys whimper with exertion. The fucking afterwards was and is just a fun addition to the main event.

Playing with toys became a fun, exciting, really compelling way to move their story along and the chance to watch them enjoy their bodies and explore their sexuality. For more than just a few, going down the priesthood stretcher was the very first experience they ever had with anal penetration. And for nearly all of them, discovering pleasure in the process was almost magical. That was important to us, because toys are often treated as a joke in mainstream gay porn (think of Men.com) or for shock value. I think turning the process of stimulating your prostate into a cheap gag sends a very troubling message; it should be considered a beautiful and fun addition to the sexual experiences we have, both alone and with others.

Imagine being in a room with gorgeous men, and someone in the group disrobes and, as everyone watches, goes down a priesthood stretcher studded with increasingly larger and larger butt plus. You’re standing there, stroking, while you watch them whimper and struggle as they get stretched out on each successively larger butt plug. I find that almost like mutual masturbation, this incredibly erotic group experience that seems so perfect, and I’d never seen anywhere in porn. 

In fact, it’s strange now to think how rarely we see toys in vanilla suck and fuck scenes that populate 90% of the porn created by the major studios, considering that almost all of us experimented growing up with putting something in our butts. I remember an experience as a kid at scout camp when one of the other boys pulled out a condom he had snuck in with his gear and inflated like a balloon. Everyone was laughing as he paraded it around. I laughed along with the others, but my first thought was, “I never knew dicks could be that huge! Are there horse hung guys out there whose dicks are 4 feet long and 3 feet around?! I desperately want to see and play with one of those!” (The concept of stretchy latex was unknown to me at the time, but suddenly my horny adolescent brain was filled with fantastical images of MONSTROUS cocks.)

And so I did what any horny teen boy with a limited understanding of sex but an overactive libido would do: I got one of his condoms, filled it with water and hid it in the back of the freezer, and made myself an ice dildo and snuck into the woods with it for a very strange but pleasurable morning of private sexual exploration. I obviously didn’t know what I was doing, so that thing was as big as a zucchini and a giant condom-covered ice cube. It took a while to get it inside my young body, but I did it! No idea how. Clearly I was determined. And I loved it. I had three orgasms in the space of 30 mins, pumping out enough cum to fill a mason jar. That morning in a private clearing up on a gorgeous mountain, the grassy ground was literally matted down with my young spunk.  

We’ll definitely be selling our unique toys and dildos in our Carnal Goods store (keep an eye out!) and you’ll be seeing a lot more toys in our releases coming up. But even as I say that, I think of the number of non-dildo toys we already use! We have the Priesthood Stretcher in Masonic Boys, of course. And in Boy for Sale and Scout Boys, innocent boys are ceremoniously opened with special dildos by older men.

In Growl Boys, our villain is Scylla, a tentacled monster. We have a creature that grips and penetrates boys in basically tentacle spit roasts. And finally in Fun-Sized Boys, we used an actual ultrasound machine, one that allowed us to film a sonogram of a dick thrusting in and out of our funsizeboys’ asses, with the inside of Austin Young’s ass being the first to appear on the site. We got an incredible response, and we’ll be releasing a whole new series based on a bunch of interesting doctor-related toys.

In a lot of ways, I’m still that boy playing with stuff and hearing some authority figure telling me, “That’s not a toy!” And I’m thinking, “Well of course it is, you’re just not creative enough, and you aren’t as big of a pervert as I am!” Because where you saw an ultrasound machine, I saw a future sex toy. And I can’t wait to show you what else can be erotic in the right hands. And yeah, I’ll always be that boy who made a dildo out of water and a condom.

Legrand Wolf is the owner and CEO of Carnal Media and publisher of The Gay Goods.

The Gay Goods is dedicated to engaging with a range of opinions and viewpoints. To share yours, email [email protected].

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Blaine LeRoy September 12, 2022 - 3:41 PM

Does anyone know of any shop that sells a “Legrand Wolf” realistic dildo or vibrator?


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