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Art Bezrukavenko interviews Legrand Wolf at The Gay Goods Booth

Sweet Ukrainian Peach Art finds out what Legrand thinks makes a good top

by John Stevens
Caucasian twink Art Bezrukavenko has his mouth opened in mock awe/joy with the grin of daddy Legrand Wolf next to him. They are pictured in front of a screen with the Gay Goods logo repeated in a pattern. They are pictured in front of the Gay Goods stall for the 2024 GayVN Awards.

Art Bezrukavenko is the sweetest peach. At our own The Gay Goods booth at the 2024 GayVN Awards, he interviewed a certain gentleman: Three-time Fan Favorite Daddy of the Year (including this year’s 2024 awards) Legrand Wolf! Yes the doctor is in. And out. And in. And out…

Unashamedly stating ‘I love daddies’, Art Bezrukavenko asks Legrand his body count, what makes a good Daddy and his opinion of how long a top should last (’10 minutes’). I mean if anyone would know its Legrand. Particularly if his body count is…5000?! I haven’t even had 5000 kisses let alone 5000 twinks!

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On the red carpet, our fan-favorite-daddy chose to kiss Art and rejected giving the cheeky boy a slap. Squarely on the cheek… but not before lifting the little legend up to Legrand’s own six foot six height. 

Oh, swoon…to be lifted by Legrand like that. 


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