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Christian Wilde Spills His Love for Performing on Camera

by Mike Zamora
Jonah Wheeler talks with Christian Wilde at the GayVNs booth.

It’s clear that any hole is Christian Wilde’s goal. Wilde shared his rock-hard desires with our man-on-site Jonah Wheeler at the 2024 GayVN awards in Las Vegas, NV.


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This bright-eyed hunk of a man opened up about starting out in the adult film industry. He said the thing that keeps him coming back for more (aside from the many holes and poles he gets to play with) is the thrill of being watched. “The idea that millions of people have orgasmed while watching me have sex is extremely rewarding and exciting.”

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He did take a moment to get sentimental about his scene partners: “I enjoy a solid connection, I enjoy that when I’m with my scene partner we have a genuine desire to fuck each other.”

For all of you fantasizing about a Wilde afternoon in bed, the locker room, in a group, or in the pool, do not fret. Christian Wilde likes his scene partners to have a bit of variety. “I’m a big fan of everything. I like being a diverse performer. I perform with men, women, trans men, trans women… anybody identifying as anything, it doesn’t really matter to me.”

Sources: GayVN, CarnalPlus

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