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“The more foreskin, the better” Drew Valentino’s adoration of the uncut cock

Eddie Patrick finds out about the Best Newcomer winner of 2023

by John Stevens
Eddie Patrick, a shirtless man with dark hair, is speaking with Drew Valentino, a hairy shirtless man with a beard. Eddie Patrick is holding a lapel microphone and cue cards.

When speaking with Eddie Patrick at the GayVN Awards earlier this year, Drew Valentino says he prefers uncircumcised cocks. The Best Newcomer winner at the 2023 GayVN awards was all smiles talking about uncut dudes, which made Eddie Patrick very happy.

When asked how many uncut dicks he’s enjoyed, Drew isn’t sure. “I do the anon scene so I’ve done… quite a bit,” his pause audible. Hey, no judgement, my bedpost is now a twig.


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When it comes to his experiences with uncircumcised penises, he seems to have no qualms with ‘dick cheese’ (smegma.)

“If you don’t like it, spit it out and keep going,” he said. “It’s not a big deal.”

“It’s just oil-based lube,” responds Eddie.

“Exactly,” says Drew.

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I mean… yes, it is. Plus skin cells, and other debris, and… the smell. But I’m clearly in the minority on scent, because before Drew leaves Eddie can’t resist asking to get a little whiff of Drew’s hairy pits.

“How was it?” asked Drew. Eddie let out a blissful exhale.


Amen to that then Eddie.

Drew Valentino’s content can be found via his website.

Sources: Drew Valentino, Instagram

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