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“It’s a better vibe” Max Lorde shares his love of GayVN Awards

But I wouldn't follow his bottoming routine.

by John Stevens
Max Lorde, a caucasian male of twenty five with curly red hair, has his hand on his heart. He is wearing a grey singlet top and has a dangled ear piercing from the top of his left ear. He is speaking to Justin Parker (Disco Dollie out of drag) a tattooed man, bald with a beard. Justin is wearing a purple t-shirt that says The Gay Goods, and has ear stretchers and a big ear ring.

Out of drag Disco Dollie got a chance to chat with Max Lorde before later going viral sharing his pre-performance ritual.

Having just arrived at the event (and after flirting with Dollie) Max Lorde was already loving the vibe of his second year attending the event.

“I think it’s a better vibe. It was the first year [for Max], last year [2023] after COVID. So this year is a lot different… I would say better.”

He later returned the flirt to Disco Dollie, claiming he’ll see Dollie in the bathroom in twelve minutes. “I’ll see you in twelve and a half minutes,” was Dollie’s cheeky reply.


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Max Lorde was later interviewed on the GayVN Red Carpet, where he shared a divisive pre-shoot routine that went viral among lovers of gay porn.

Speaking to Sloppy Seconds’ Big Dipper and Meatball, Max revealed he took up to ten imodium before shooting. And followed this with up to two hours of anal douching. Big Dipper and Meatball were both visibly shocked.

Many performers have made statements discouraging this practice. GayVN Best Leading Man and Best Newcomer winner Derek Kage being one of them:

Doubling Down On Imodium

Since then Max has doubled down on his comments:  “If you read the package label on Imodium, you can take up to 16 milligrams a day. That’s eight tablets. I’m only two off!” Max claimed in an interview with Pride Today‘s Ricky Cornish.

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Although Max is correct that the daily maximum is 16mg, the label advises that the dosage is spread out. And this is only for use in acute diarrhea, making Max’s use off-label. Off-label use is not uncommon, however using imodium to ensure your anus is completely cleaned out for sex, is completely inadvisable.

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