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Who wants to take Tony Genius’ class “Twerking on the Dick 101”

by John Stevens
Eddie Patrick (a caucasian man with black short cropped hair and a purple T-shirt) holds a lapel microphone in his right hand. To his left is Tony Genius (an African-American man, shirtless with a bouncy afro) is smiling and waving. He is waving with his right hand. They are sitting in front of a backdrop with 'The Gay Goods' written with blue letters on a white backdrop.

Tony Genius is all seduction, smiles, and sweet ‘come hither’ eyes. Utterly edible.

Hunky vers Eddie Patrick, being a true scientist, assessed this confident bisexual performer with two core questions at the GayVNs: what’s a class in sex that he would teach, and what’s the weirdest place Tony Genius has had sex.


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Tony’s almost immediate response to what class he’d teach was none other than: “Twerking 101.” Just got that locked and loaded, hey Tony? Well, it’s good to know what you’re good at.

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To achieve the primary objective of “twerking on the dick” being that “their [partner’s] eyes back in ecstasy” seems to require a lot of “hard study.”

How you get an A+, Tony?

“You twerk on my dick, (laughter) I mean you’ve got to be the teacher’s pet.”

I wouldn’t mind myself being the teacher’s pet, who else is keen?

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