These Boys Make the Perfect Last-Minute Stocking Stuff for Their Masters’ Friends

Naughty or nice, the boys owned by members of The Buyer's Club obey Christmas orders in this new Boy for Sale chapter.

With the Boy River now welcomed into The Buyers Group, the time has come for the masters to bring all of their boys together for a party. The atmosphere is rife with hormones, as the Boy Austin sits near Master Knox. “Go ahead and kiss him,” instructs Austin’s owner, Master Legrand. Master Legrand then asks if the Boy River can sit on his lap, and he tugs on his nipples as they kiss.


The room is filled with the slurping sounds of blowjobs and the moans of boys in ecstasy. As they begin to lose themselves to the sensations, Boy Matthew is ordered to take his place behind Boy Jack, sliding his dick into Jack’s hole alongside Master Savage’s. Completely filled, Jack’s eyes roll back in his head as he feels the two throbbing dicks stroking in and out of his hole in tandem.

As they obey commands like good slaves, the boys are reaching a fever pitch of excitement when Master Savage asks permission to take Austin to a private room. Getting the okay from Master Legrand, Master Savage summons Boy Cole to join them, and the three leave the room to enjoy one another alone. With two fewer boys, the party begins to wind down, and the masters gaze over their property with satisfaction, sipping their drinks and toasting the season.

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