Isaac Torrid Gets Naked and Exposed in Rundown Garage With Hard Master and Mike Eventz

There's nothing but raw desire in this bareback release, as Isaac turns into the horny piggy he's always wanted to be.

If he’s being honest, Isaac Torrid is a little bit nervous, standing in the cluttered garage with Hard Master and Mike Eventz. Or maybe he’s feeling pure excitement, knowing that soon he’ll be stripped naked and used by these two horny men, all captured on camera.

Kneeling on the concrete floor, he presents his round ass to Hard Master. Still wearing his leather jacket, the bald daddy squirts a generous amount of lube on his hand and easily fits four fingers into Isaac’s hole… all while Isaac swallows Mike’s cock. He’s eager to suck them both, though, and they tower above him while he alternates gagging on each of their throbbing dicks.

Hard Master keeps his shirt and leather jacket on, but Mike gets naked too, revealing his tight, furry body for Isaac to worship. He focuses on Mike’s cock as Hard Master continues stretching his ass. Soon, Mike kneels behind Isaac, positions the head of his cock at the hungry hole, and plunges balls deep, pushing Isaac’s face deeper onto Hard Master’s dick.

The two men take turns using his willing ass, making sure he knows that he’s their fuck toy and that he needs to be used this way. When they’re satisfied with him, they both stand above his face and spurt their loads onto him, marking him as theirs and making him bust, too.

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