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Tyler Posey Joins Only Fans to Share Smoking Photos

by Mark Durane

First Bella Thorne came for Only Fans, and I said nothing. Now it’s Tyler Posey, star of MTV’s Teen Wolf, who has announced his arrival on the popular (and often not safe for work) platform via a black and white trailer.

Like Thorne—whose Only Fans exploits led to both revised rules regarding payouts for models and outcry from sex workers about the way she seemed to be scamming followers—Posey’s output is yawningly vanilla, nothing more than what any other mainstream actor shares on Instagram. With one big exception: Posey is a smoker. There he is, cigarette dangling from his mouth, ash threatening to spill off and into his lap. Here he is, shirt unbuttoned, showing off his tattoos and offering a lighter. If Only Fans accounts had suggested tags, his would definitely be “cigarettes” and “feet.”

And hey, that works for some people! (For those people, I will add I suspect he smokes Marlboro Reds or Camels, based on the filter.) But most of the photos on his $14.99 a month page are only slight variations from his Instagram posts. He shows more skin in the trailer than he does behind his pay wall.

Of course, it’s only been two days. Maybe he’s in the midst of creating some content right now. But you have to give Aaron Carter this: He’s actually jacking off for his fans.

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