Mail Sack: Turning My Friend’s Stepdad into a Cockslut

Dwayne couldn't wait to collect on his bet with Dean that Mr. Jones was secretly a dick-hungry bottom.


I love getting male. Er, mail. Who am I kidding, I love both! And there’s no mail better than mail about males, which is why I was particularly hardened and heartened to find this dirty little story in my inbox recently. Written by Incertus, it has it all: Horny dads, two younger dudes sharing an older man, hard cocks, ropes of cum, and a kitchen counter the perfect height for tag-teaming an ass. Enjoy!

Dwayne was always kidding Dean about his new stepdad. “He’s gay. I bet you $20 he’s gay. I’ll meet you at the pool tomorrow and tell you my plan.”

The next day, on the way to the pool, Dwayne wiped out on his skateboard right in front of Dean’s house. “Perfect timing,” Dwayne said to himself. “I can ask Dean’s dad for some ‘first aid.’” He knocked on the door.

“Hey, Mr. Jones, do you have a first aid kit I can borrow?”

“Sure, Dwayne. Come in. What happened?”

“I wiped out on my skateboard. Nothing serious. Just scraped my back.” Dwayne turned around and lifted his tank top. “There, right at the small of my back.” He lowered his already low-hanging board shorts to provide a view. He was proud of his strong athletic body, his slim waist and firm glutes, and liked showing it off.

“Looks good! I mean . . . good thing it doesn’t look serious. Come into the kitchen and let’s have a closer look.”

Dwayne maneuvered his top over his head without completely removing it.

“I’ll get some antibacterial spray. This should do the trick.” Mr. Jones said, spraying some on the abrasion. He admired the young man’s ass crack, the almost imperceptible peach fuzz. For some reason he had never before fathomed, he wanted to give it a sniff and bury his face in that crack. He inhaled the manly scent.

“I see you’re not wearing underwear.”

“Not with board shorts. I was on my way to meet Dean at the pool,” Dwayne said, turning around with a full hard-on.

“Whoa, there, fella. You need to contain yourself.”

“All my friends say it’s huge,” said Dwayne, ignoring Mr. Jones’s comment. “In fact, I think it’s perfect. Nine by six. In porn, they say it’s the perfect size dick.” Dwayne made it bob up and down.

Mr. Jones couldn’t take his eyes off of it. Dwayne was right. Mathematically, it was a perfect dick: one and a half times as long as its girth. His lips parted and he inhaled slowly.

“Betcha mine’s bigger,” Dwayne challenged him, reaching out for Mr. Jones’s hard dick, clearly visible, and slowly rubbing it through the sweatpants. “Show me. Show me, Mr. Jones,” he whispered.

Hardly thinking, Mr. Jones lowered his sweatpants, and looked at the ceiling, like he was having a doctor’s exam. He couldn’t believe he was showing his dick to his son’s best friend. His son’s best friend with the perfect dick, now raging rock-hard before him. And that damn attitude. “This isn’t right. You’re my son’s best friend.”

“Nice,” Dwayne said, grabbing Mr. Jones’s dick to test him. “You ever have a hot, young guy suck your dick?”

“Of course not.” He looked down at Dwayne who was rubbing their cocks together.

“I learned this in Boy Scouts,” Dwayne joked, sucking Mr. Jones’s cock, and thinking to himself “Not bad!”

Mr. Jones look shocked. But he couldn’t deny that he was starting to enjoy the sensation.

Not satisfied sucking dick, Dwayne stood up. “Suck my cock,” he demanded, putting his hand on Mr. Jones’s shoulder, and pushing him downward. Mr. Jones dropped to his knees and looked up at Dwayne admiringly, Dwayne’s huge cock right in his face.

“Don’t be afraid, just suck the head.”

Mr. Jones opened his mouth and tentatively sucked the head.

Dwayne gave him a few seconds and then without warning, started face-fucking him furiously, and not letting up despite the sputtering sounds and the resistance from Mr. Jones. The resisting just made him want to do it harder. He pulled out his dick, dripping gobs of saliva for Mr. Jones to appreciate, before thrusting it back down his throat. “Good boy,” he almost said before catching himself, not sure what to call Mr. Jones. “Don’t stop.”

Mr. Jones was a good cocksucker, he had to admit. “You sure you haven’t done this before? Now, lick my balls,” Dwayne said, rubbing Mr. Jones head in small circles with the palm of his hand. “Big low-hanging balls to go with my big perfect dick. Keep licking. I’ve seen you checking me out. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” Standing back and giving Mr. Jones another look at his magnificent cock and balls, he hadn’t heard someone enter. It was Dean, standing there watching them.

Dean watched his dad on his knees sucking Dwayne’s cock.

“You fucking bastard!” Dean said, grabbing Dwayne’s shoulder, “Getting started without me!” He moved in to kiss Dean.

“Don’t looked surprised, Mr. Jones, you know I’ve been fucking your son.”

Mr. Jones looked up not in disbelief but knowing that he was meant to do this. He was stroking his own cock and hungrily sucking Dwayne’s perfect dick. He had gone from opening his mouth and taking another man’s cock to getting his mouth raped. The slurping sounds he was making, the dribbling and the gagging—and the fact that Dean had been standing there taking in the show—only served to make him harder and hungrier.

Dwayne reached over and loosened the knot on Dean’s board shorts, letting them slip down to his knees, revealing his erect penis.

“Has your stepdad ever sucked your dick? Dwayne asked.

“No, but he’s about to.” Dean thrust out his hips, slowing stroking his cock and drawing in his dad to suck it. It was almost as big as Dwayne’s. Dean grabbed the base of his dick and positioned it for the kneeling man, looking ready, the man who’d never seemed like a real dad but insisted Dean call him Dad. “Suck it, Dad.  You can handle it.”

Mr. Jones took Dwayne’s cock in his hand while he explored Dean’s man meat with his tongue, the head, the piss slit, the shaft. He was feeling slutty, in spite of himself, and wanted to please Dean. Dwayne kept trying to make him take two dicks, but this was impossible for a beginner. Dwayne tormented him by slapping his dick against Mr. Jones’s face while he accepted Dean’s sweet gift, still fresh from the pool, a slight residue of chlorine and sweat.

Dwayne couldn’t stand the lack of attention, and grabbed Mr. Jones by the hair away from Dean’s dick and firmly directed it toward his own throbbing cock, still glistening with slick and precum. “Suck it good, Daddy.”

In his own mind, Dwayne fashioned himself as a kind of a gigolo, even though he’d never had sex for money. He liked the feeling of psychologically dominating another man. Getting this man twice his age and twice his size to go down on him was nothing. “You’re about to get fucked, old man. Stand up and bend over that kitchen counter.” He pulled down Mr. Jones’ sweatpants. “And he’s wearing no underwear, either. Fucking slut, ready for action! Dwayne forced Mr. Jones’s chest down against the counter. “Now I’m going to watch you get fucked by your stepson. Do it, Dean.”

Dean spread the butt checks, spit on the hole, and, deciding to take it slow, tried to slide his dick in without causing too much pain. For now. He didn’t want to think that a lot of cocks had already been there. “OK, Dad, take it!” he said giving a couple of good slaps, and began pumping his dad’s ass hard. The gasps coming from Mr. Jones’s mouth were a combination of real hurt and pleasure. “I’ve been waiting for this day, Dad. And my best friend Dwayne is here to share it. Who’s the man, Dad?” he asked, thwacking his cock against the ass cheek and then slamming it in hard, locking it in and pausing for effect.

“You are! You’re the man!” Mr. Jones gurgled, in a daze, no longer resisting.

“Enough! Lemme at it. Get up on the counter. I’m going to put you through your paces,” Dwayne said. Mr. Jones obediently climbed up on the counter. “I’m gonna fuck you like a dog. Get up here too, Dean, and feed him your dick!” After fucking Mr. Jones doggie style for a while, Dwayne decided to give him the Advanced Doggie, riding Mr. Jones’s back but forcing his long, fat cock in the ass, not from behind but from above. This angle of his long cock made it hurt more.

The sound of Mr. Jones’s “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” with each thrust urged Dwayne on. Dwayne turned his ass to Mr. Jones’s head and fucked him backwards. He knew his long dick was perfect for this. Plus, having a long dick meant Dwayne could bury the first six or seven inches of his dick in Mr. Jones’s ass and still have some to spare. He liked watching his long cock giving Mr. Jones the fuck of his life. Switching back to standard doggie style, Dwayne had to watch his cock wreck Mr. Jones’s asshole. After a long succession of quick but deep thrusts, Dwayne examined the gaping hole of Mr. Jones’s anus. “Either he’s been fucked before or Dean, your mom has been pegging him. You fucking ass whore!

“OK Mr. Jones, on your back, spread your legs and say, ‘Fuck Me!’ to your stepson. Go ahead, say ‘Fuck me, Dean!’” Dean got up on the counter and holding one ankle in each hand, waited to hear the words. Finally, Mr. Jones said “Fuck me, Dean! I want you to fuck me.” Dean spread the legs wider and started plowing away, articulating each thrust of his hips and piercing jab of his cock.

“Tell me how much you like it.”

“Your cock feels so good in my ass. Give it to me, Dean.” Mr. Jones was in some kind of trance, raising his hips to meet each thrust of Dean’s cock, and looking at Dean with glazed eyes.

Dwayne didn’t waste any time feeding his long dick to Mr. Jones’s eager mouth, slipping it in this time to feel the lips, mouth, and throat massage his cock, while enjoying the view of Dean giving it to his dad. “You’re a good cocksucker, Mr. Jones. You’re really thirsty for my cock in your mouth.”

Dean echoed the sentiment: “Yeah, Dad, you’re good at taking my cock up your ass. You’re really hungry for my cock, aren’t you Dad?

Mr. Jones mumbled, stroking his own cock, moving his hand slowly over his own nipples, and trying to take as much of Dwayne’s monster cock in his mouth as humanly possible. Soon his mumbling turned to muffled cries, Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, “Oh, shit! I’m coming!” as he shot three pearly ropes of cum on his stomach. Dean pulled his cock out of the willing ass and needed only a few measured strokes to pump his own spunk all the way up to land on his dad’s chest. Dwayne took his time using Mr. Jones’s mouth, holding his chin, until he was ready to cum. “Here it comes! Fresh boy splooge!” He stretched out the long vowel sound of splo-o-o-ge while he ejaculated one thick stream after another, mostly on Mr. Jones’s face, some on his forehead, and some in his mouth, for good measure.

“Well, thanks Mr. Jones, you’ve been great. But we gotta hit the pool now. Bye,” said Dwayne.

Mr. Jones lay there on the kitchen island—cum on his face, cum on his chest, and cum on his stomach—speechless, his ribcage heaving, his ass hurting, his jaw practically dislodged. Wrecked and breathless, but oddly, fatefully fulfilled.

Leaving the house, Dwayne couldn’t wait to say to Dean, “Told you! You owe me $20!”

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