Austin Knows What the Early Bird Gets—Uncle Mitch’s Dick

Uncle Mitch has to cover Austin's mouth before his moans and whimpers wake up the rest of the family and expose them fucking again in front of the Christmas tree.

Sleepy Austin curls up on the couch and falls asleep with his head in his uncle’s lap. Hands wander with the memory of the hot encounter they had just yesterday, opening the door to more fun for the two between a brightly lit Christmas tree and the warm, crackling fireplace.

Austin chokes on Uncle Mitch’s thick cock and he can barely contain his moans when his uncle mounts his tight ass from behind. Uncle Mitch has to cover his nephew’s mouth to keep him from waking his dad in the next room.

Thank goodness the Armstrong men are heavy sleepers, because Austin still manages to whimper, gasp, and groan as he pounds and grinds on his uncle’s thick rod until he and Uncle Mitch shoot their Christmas cheer in the firelight.

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