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I Love a Man in a Uniform: Costuming Carnal Media

by John Stevens
Master Kamp, dressed entirely in regal, uniform white, looks over the document of his new Apprentice. Apprentince Young is wearing a white shirt with blue and white tie. He is seated looking expectantly at the Master.

A pornographic scene is made up of more than simply sex: Scenery, script, lighting, and sound all come into play when creating and immersing you in the fantasy. But you’re looking at the models, right? You might love their bodies, but it’s the clothes they (sometimes!) get peeled out of that set the stage.

Every Carnal Media production has a unique costuming presence. When a tender obedient boy is placed on the auction block in BoyForSale, he is displayed with a signature black bow tie and thin black jockstrap.  MasonicBoys productions presents apprentices decked in virginal white with holy undergarments cupping anointed loins. And if you were checking into the Forbidden Boy Hotel from Gaycest, you would be required to wear a cotton GYM brand jockstrap and a soft hotel robe, one that’s easily removed so you could breed your boy in comfort.

The Boy Serg (a caucasian male) is having his penis fondled by Master Kamp (an older male in a white business shirt and black suspenders). The Boy Serg is wearing a black bow tie and black jockstrap. Boy Serg is kneeling on an auction block within a dark room.

The Boy Serg & Master Kamp in Boy For Sale Chapter 2: The Auction. (Carnal Media)

Head of Production Tells All!

When speaking with Carnal Media’s Head of Production Brian Fitzgibbons (who just recently won a GayVN for his work on The Professor) he said that the primary concern for a costume in whatever Carnal site you jerk off to is aesthetic.

“We want the look of our characters to fit the worlds we’re creating, blend with the spaces they inhabit, and communicate the character’s background,” Brian explained. “Costumes are part of the storytelling.”

A sex scene from Staxus and ScoutBoys collaboration "International Scout Boys". Scoutmaster Patrick (a nude caucasian male with dark hair) is fucking Scout Alfonso (a Latinx younger male wearing knee length khaki socks, khaki side cap with a blue and yellow neckerchief around his neck). Scout Alfonso is on his back while jerking off his dick. His right leg being pushed back by Scoutmaster Patrick on a wooden single bed with blue check covers. A fleur-des-lis is hanging on the wall.

Scoutmaster Patrick & Scout Alfonso in International Scout Boys Chapter 6: Consequences. (Carnal Media)

The aesthetic of costuming to enrich the stories is best exemplified in the ScoutBoys series where fans of Carnal donated their old Boy Scout uniforms. Even Brian himself donated elements of his old scout uniform to complete the look! This aesthetic consideration is equally important to the sports theme of TwinkTop:

“Jocks are a classic desire. The idea of young, hung, virile jocks is a potent image, especially when they pull out their big swinging dicks,” Brian explained. “So it was a natural step to put them on top of their handsome coaches.”

It was a no-brainer, then, to dress these horny twinks in gym shorts, tank tops, baseball caps, and a “well-placed jockstrap,” as Brian says.

Ethan Tate, a young caucasian male wearing a red baseball cap and white t-shirt (pulled back over his neck to display his bare chest) fucks Coach Dan (an older caucasian hunk with a whistle around his neck, knee-high socks and a white jockstrap) bareback on a locker room bench. Coach Dan is on his back his legs spread and Ethan Tate is leaning back with his arms propping him up as he pushes himself inside Coach Dan's hole.

Ethan Tate & Coach Dan in TwinkTop Chapter 2: Hot for Coach. (Carnal Media)

“Costumes are part of the storytelling.”

“It may be ‘florals for spring,’ but it works!” Brian laughed.

Obviously it works for the fans, but what happens behind the scenes when something doesn’t work during the shoot?

“As you can imagine, many of the performers have a hard time putting their tight underwear and pants over their erections. So whenever we have to re-conceal their excitement, it’s always amusing the see how the models contend with their ‘gifts.'”

For many porn studios, easy access to these “gifts” is the norm, but for Brian and the Carnal team its the tease that makes underwear worth it.


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“I’m a fan of underwear, especially a daddy in white briefs,” Brian confesses. “We almost never go completely free-ball. For one thing, there are plenty of us out there who love the look of a handsome man in his underwear. It’s like a little tease of what’s to come. And secondly, letting the reveal of the erection become more of a moment can be very satisfying. Who doesn’t love a slow peel reveal?”

Dr Wolf, a middle-aged caucasian male wearing a white business shirt and blue tie peels black briefs off Dominic Young (a young African-American male). Dominic's penis shaft is peeking out.

Dominic & Dr. Wolf in Fun-Size Boys Chapter 1: Dr Wolf House Call. (Carnal Media)

I don’t know about you, but to (as Andy Warhol put it) “peel slowly and see” does make seeing a daddy’s glistening cock all the more satisfying!

Sources: CarnalMedia

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