In the Middle of a Global Outbreak, Bishop Angus and Mark Winters Have No Choice But to Obey the Doctors

As soon as they notice Mark's bulge growing as he watches his father disrobe, the doctors decide they want to do a little more research on this pair.

Bishop removes his clothes as the doctor commands. It’s a little uncomfortable disrobing in front of his boy, but he knows it’s what’s required of him. Mark had seen him naked, and even hard, but never in the company of others! Seeing the doctor masked up and wearing his protective gear, Bishop wasn’t sure what to do in this situation. But as he looked to his boy, he could see Mark starting to get excited…


What really got Mark excited, though, was seeing Bishop’s big, manly ass get eaten by the handsome doctor. It was clear to everyone that the two were more than just father and son, prompting them to explore even further.

Mark watched as Dr. Wolf removed his clothes, revealing his throbbing, veiny cock before pressing it between Bishop’s cheeks. Mark tried to hide his bulge, but the doctors were very aware of everything he did. Wanting to study his response, Dr. Dietrich told Mark to stand in front of his dad’s face, looking him in the eye, and watching as he got fucked!


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