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Author K. C. Wells Visit To Legrand Wolf Takes An Unexpected Turn

by Edwin Chris
Adam Snow, Noah White of MasonicBoys
EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article is guest piece written by m/m romance author K.C. Wells.

The night I arrived in Minneapolis, I had dinner with Legrand Wolf (present day CEO of Carnal Media), his husband Jay, and porn star Cole Blue. One of the topics of that came up conversation was Harvest Fest, which would took place the coming weekend. I mistakenly thought my flight to Milwaukee on Saturday was an early one, and that I’d missed it. But the following day, when I informed Jay of the correct time, a suggestion was made that changed the course of my visit.

“We’re shooting for MasonicBoys this weekend. Would you like to see a shoot?”

Oh. My, I thought. I think I hesitated for all of a nano second.

The following day, I was given the grand tour of the property, including the new part of the grounds for ScoutBoys, complete with fire pit. But when I saw inside the house…

The hallway? I remembered it instantly from a couple of Gaycest scenes.

The kitchen? Yeah, that too. Cain Marko under the sink, anyone? Danny on the countertop?

The living room. Oh, that couch. That fireplace. That rug.

The white room. Yup. I was very familiar with that one.

The bedroom. I’d know that comforter anywhere.

The deck outside. Oh yes–Dr. Wolf and Austin on sun loungers…

And then downstairs to…

Dr. Wolf’s office! I got to sit on the exam table, and I don’t think I stopped smiling once.

Then there was the black box set, with the high-backed red velvet chair I’d seen in so many videos. Not to mention the priesthood stretcher. So yes, it’s fair to say I recognized a lot of places. But there were also the racks of costumes–scout uniforms, white jackets, white shirts.

“It was weird to hear familiar dialogue from a few feet away”

Fast forward. Friday arrived. It’s before the shoot. I spent the day writing, but everyone else was getting the sets ready. The schedule for the two days was packed, using both the white room and the black box. Brian Fitzgibbons, Head of Production, had spent Thursday evening and most of Friday working on the scripts. He and Legrand went through them, adding and tweaking things, while I sat in the room next to them, listening as they read them aloud. It was weird to hear familiar dialogue from a few feet away.

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By Friday afternoon, the first of the models and crew started to arrive. Jay was driving between the house and the airport, collecting batches of visitors, and Cole was cooking enough turkey curry to feed the small army that was about to arrive. With each new set of arrivals, Brian gave everyone a tour, talked them through the schedule, made sure they knew where the towels were, took them to where they’d be sleeping, sorted out costumes… He had to repeat himself so many times, and had to remember who had seen what.

The schedule was impressive, and it looked as though I’d get to see two MasonicBoys interview scenes. Man, I was excited! Dinner was a mixture of eating, discussing the shoot, and Dex’s online presence. By the time I left to go to my hotel Friday night, there were still two more groups to arrive. I knew Eddie Patrick from the site, but Dex was, at the time, a newbie. Marco Napoli arrived as I was leaving, and a surprise guest turned up–Ethan Tate.

“I might have fan-girled a little”

Okay, I might have fan-girled a little with those last two. I’ve seen Marco’s work a few times, and as for Ethan, a few of his ScoutBoys scenes were inspirations for scenes in my books. He was just as sweet in real life.

Saturday morning. I was at the house in time for the first shoot. Marco had come out of the shower, and Dex was about to have a really close shave: shooting was due to begin at 10.

That was when I learned that things don’t always go according to plan. There was an issue with the light in the white room—damn that sun!—and that delayed the starting time. By 10:30, that still hadn’t happened, so I figured, what with my tight schedule, I’d at best get to see the first of the two Interview scenes before I had to leave for the airport. The plan was that I’d sit just outside the white room, with a set of headphones so I’d hear everything. Two chairs were standing ready on the white rug, along with a low table on which were the familiar pots of lube and oil.

Marco and Dex’s costumes were checked, and then Brian confirmed camera and audio. Then, before the shoot, it was time for press photos. Everything was ready. One camera at the front, Greg on camera to the left, and Neil to the right, with Ethan stood beside him. Ethan’s become a great hand behind the camera, and I was impressed how he directed Neil now and then to get a better shot. Brian was taking photos all the time.

I didn’t expect to see such an intimate “getting-to-know-you” moment off camera

Legrand was behind the main camera, and the first call was to run through the dialogue. He told Marco and Dex not to worry about lines, because he’d feed them to the performers as they went through the scene. Before shooting could start, however, Legrand stepped out to deal with a background noise, and that was the most surreal part. The guys on camera discussed the shoot, and in the center of the room, oblivious to them, Dex sat on his chair, Marco stood in front of him, both talking quietly while Marco stroked Dex’s face, and Dex stroked Marco’s erection through his white pants, smiling and obviously relaxed. I didn’t expect to see such an intimate “getting-to-know-you” moment off camera!

Then Legrand was back, and everyone brought a hand to the centre of the set, a good “let’s do this” vibe. A call went out of “quiet on set!” We were off.

The camera guys were new, learning the ropes, and they were given plenty of advice.  Legrand fed lines to Marco and Dex, stopping to redo lines to get in more emotion, more visual clues. His instructions were clear and delivered quietly, and I knew that once the opening dialogue was edited into its final version, it would be awesome.

It felt like an interview

I’m not a complete stranger to the porn industry. I have several friends who perform, so I knew beforehand that it would be stop-start. I liked that when Dex had his hands tied behind the chair, Brian and others checked that his bonds weren’t too tight. Marco and Dex were given a lot of direction, and it felt like a very natural process. Legrand got the best performances out of his models, especially when it came to the noises pouring out of Dex, who was already leaking pre-cum early in the shoot. And yes, the cameras zoomed in to get a good shot of that. It felt like an interview. Marco spoke firmly and slowly, and Dex responded with the right amount of trepidation and lip-biting.

Then it was time for the interview to take a different turn.

Watching Marco play with Dex’s dick was an exercise in mounting tension. It was a drawn-out scene: Marco working him up to fully erect, stroking him through the thin underwear, not revealing his cock but allowing sneaky peeks of it, until, finally, the flimsy garment was gone. Dex was hard, and Marco really went to work.

There were still moments to redo, and it seemed like it was no time at all before Dex rewarded Marco with a great cum shot. Once Marco had walked slowly out of sight, the cameras lingered on Dex as he cleaned himself up. It was all over, and everyone was smiling. Quite a few of the guys congratulated Dex on his first shoot for Carnal Media, and he seemed happy about the experience.

A site which is totally gay-owned, gay-directed

Then it was back to business, getting ready for the next shoot. Unfortunately, it was also time for me to leave. One last hug to Ethan, Brian, Eddie, and Legrand, and then Jay took me to the airport. Those were some unexpectedly magical days, and ones that I won’t forget.

I have subscribed to a number of porn studios during the last thirteen years, and back in 2012 or 2013, one of those was Mormonboyz. I’m still a subscriber, but now to CarnalPlus. Of course, Mormonboyz was repackaged as Missionary Boys—not by CarnalPlus, I might add—and a lot changed. It’s now a watered-down version that lost the ceremony, not to mention the connection between the elders and those who guided them. It’s a weak imitation, in other words.

I think having a site which is totally gay-owned, gay-directed, and produces a much better product is what comes across in Carnal’s MasonicBoys. It’s the real deal, much closer to the original Mormonboyz than Missionary Boys. I think it helps that I now know how close the rituals are to what really happens in a Mormon temple. (Yes, you read that right. Legrand and Jay know of what they speak.) And now you know why I no longer subscribe to the site that puts out Missionary Boys and Family Dick. In fact, I now only subscribe to two porn sites: CarnalPlus and FTMPlus. I love their videos, and getting to watch one in the making was awesome.

What I liked most, though, was the atmosphere in that house. It felt good. Chilled. No stress. I think that crept into the shooting. There’s a reason so many of my sex scenes are based on Carnal scenes. There’s passion, yes. Sensuality. But there’s also emotion, and that nails it for me every single time.

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