Why I Got Fillers Injected Into My Dick

Adult model Ray Dexter was always hung—but he wanted something undeniably massive, so he tried the latest in penile enhancements. Was he happy with the results?

Bigger is better. We strive for a bigger house, bigger car, bigger bank accounts, etc., but for many men, there is one thing in particular that we strive to make bigger. 

The search for a miracle cure for altering the size of our penis has brought products into the world like penis enlargement pills, creams, devices, exercises, you name it. Some doctors have even developed procedures for penile enhancement, both surgical and non-invasive. However, none of these methods are perfect. 

Despite endless trial-and-error efforts, there is no approved, 100-percent safe procedure that will magically turn your manhood into the pornstar-esque size that so many men want and desire. Some have proven successful, but come with risks and potential complications. But there is one procedure that seems to be a game-changer: penile fillers. Yes, the same fillers that are used for fine lines and wrinkles.

I’ve always wondered, “What if I were even bigger?” In the past, I have toyed with penis pumps and manual exercises such as jelqing, but nothing seemed to provide long-lasting effects. As a porn actor, I am subjected to seeing many other “hung” guys, and it made me feel inadequate. I felt like I was swimming in a sea of big cocks, and that I would never measure up to the expectations of the porn industry.

This brought upon countless nights of research. During one of them, I stumbled upon Dr. David Shafer and his SWAG (Shafer Width and Girth) procedure. It can be done in-office on the same day as your consultation, takes no more than an hour, and the results are long-lasting and instantaneous. However, this is not the most cost-effective procedure.

I started to do more research to see if I could find a similar procedure at a lower price. Ultimately, I decided that this is my manhood we’re talking about, and I wanted someone highly qualified to handle my pride and joy! After many nights of tossing and turning, imagining what “could be” if I get this done, I finally made the choice to book a consultation with Dr. Shafer for a Monday. 

When Dr. Shafer walked into the consultation room, he exuded a calming, soothing, almost seductive aura. I could feel his smile radiating through his face mask. The consultation took no more than 15 minutes. We discussed the current state of my penis, what my goals were, and what I expected from the procedure. Once we finished, I gave him the green light to start. I changed into a gown and sat back in the chair.

Dr. Shafer returned with multiple boxes of Voluma XC; this is the same type of fillers used for the cheeks. The first step was numbing my penis, for which Dr. Shafer used injectable lidocaine. At this point, you might be thinking, “A needle? In my dick?!” But I guarantee that the pricks I felt from the lidocaine is where the pain ended. Once he started injecting the fillers, I felt nothing more than a little pressure.

After Dr. Shafer finished injecting the last syringe, I looked down at my new and improved dong. It was fatter. Much fatter. It looked as if my penis was engorged in a semi-hard state, but it was in fact completely soft. He wrapped my penis up in a bandage that I had to wear for 24-48 hours (except when showering). I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I had high hopes. Full results are revealed after about two weeks, once swelling goes down and the fillers have expanded and settled.

As I write this four months later, I can honestly tell you that I am quite content with my results. This procedure is meant to make your penis girthier, and it did exactly that. It made my already-hefty penis even heftier, albeit very little change in length. The weight of my penis when I wake up in the morning is a nice reminder of my new size. Some of my friends noticed immediately. On a trip to Fire Island, I stripped down to my Speedo and the first question a friend asked was, ‘Ray, did you pump your penis?’ I started laughing and had no choice but to spill the beans. 

While I’m happy with the results, I should add that this procedure is very expensive. And no, not like a new iPhone expensive. Keep in mind that a bigger penis requires more filler to achieve the same results that a smaller penis would with less. Having started on the bigger end, I most likely needed more fillers than the last guy. If you look up pricing on Dr. Shafer’s website, you will get an idea of just how costly it can be.

I consider myself fortunate that I am able to afford this procedure, though it was still a very large sum of money spent for something that isn’t even permanent. 

Results can last up to two years, but every person is different. In my case, I’ve had my fillers for four months now, but I feel like it is already starting to absorb into my body and shrink away. According to Dr. Shafer, SWAG patients usually go in for yearly touch-ups, or when they feel like more is needed to maintain their size. I am not sure if I will be going in for touch-ups, but only time will tell. However, this was something that I wanted to try for myself and for my career, and it made sense to do it while I’m still young and in the porn industry.

In terms of overall aesthetics my penis still looks like a penis, but you can definitely feel where the filler is. I am very happy that it looks natural for the most part, though because I’m uncircumcised there was no filler injected into the top portion of my shaft. If I pull my foreskin all the way back, the filler bunches up and looks a bit bizarre. That’s one thing I am definitely not ecstatic about. Otherwise, it looks amazing. There are some dimples and lumps, but that’s simply the nature of the fillers, which can sometimes shift around. And one big positive I got out of this (other than the increase in size, obviously) is increased sensitivity. I get an erection more easily and when I masturbate, it feels much more sensitive. 

That being said, a good friend of mine told me that he loved my penis before fillers, and now all he sees is a big slab of meat, knowing that it isn’t my “natural” penis. In retrospect, if he’d said that to me before the procedure I likely wouldn’t have continued on with it. But the good news is that this is completely reversible; the fillers are easily dissolvable by the enzyme hyaluronidase. Though for what I spent, I’m going to keep my fillers for as long as possible!

Besides the high cost, some aesthetic issues, and the impermanence, I am still overall satisfied. As I said, there probably won’t be a perfect male enhancement procedure for a very long time. Until there is, I do recommend this to anyone who can afford it, is interested in a safe and effective—if temporary—solution for enlarging their manhood, and has realistic expectations. It won’t solve all your issues, but I believe it can alleviate some of the woes of possible penis-size dysmorphia.

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