Why These 3 New Scenes Should Be Enough to Keep You From Working Out

Skip the gym with me and jack off to these sweaty muscle guys flexing and fucking in the locker room instead!

I hate working out, but I love looking hot. So the gym is a complicated place for me—nope, sorry, the gym is hot. Whether I’m on the treadmill cruising the bulges walking past or forgetting not to stare as some guy blasts his biceps the way I wish he’s blast his cock all over my face, the gym is a surefire aphrodisiac. That being said, it’s getting colder, COVID-19 is still a thing no matter what Republicans say, and the gym seems like a lot. So let’s both decide to skip getting out, and focus on getting off with these three hot gym releases. Face it, these guys are having a way better time than we would!

In Big Wet Load in My Ass, Chase Ryder just finished showering when he spots a horned up Riley, who’s sporting a throbbing boner after glimpsing Chase…

No matter how many guys I ask to spot me, I never end up living out this fantasy. Luckily, Dakota Payne and Michael Boston live out everyone’s fantasies in Weight Bench Suck & Fuck.

But it’s the boxers at the gym that always get me leaking. So please excuse me while I go off to enjoy a sneak peek at Scott DeMarco peel off his gloves and fuck first Damien Crosse’s face then his perky ass in Pounded by a Big-Dicked Boxer (also the title of my vision board). You can check it out when it drops November 26 and you need a break from Zoom calls with your family.

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