Check Out Riley Ross’ Tight Bod, Perfect Body Hair, and Tasty Dick in This Jockpussy Release

Lucky Ari Koyote gets to experience it all as Riley fucks him with a dildo.

Ari can tell Riley is totally horned up, but nervous to make the first move. Ari continues to kiss him as he touches him all over, exciting his body as he guides the sexy jock around his own. Once they take their clothes off, Riley makes himself right at home between Ari’s legs…


Riley gets his first look up-close as he tastes his first man pussy, unable to believe how much he loves it! He explores Ari with his tongue and lips, working Ari’s pierced clit, getting him hot and ready for more. Riley pulls out a big dildo to open up Ari’s hole, watching how he takes it like a champ!

While Riley watches Ari moaning and writhing in pleasure, sliding up and down on the toy cock, he can’t stop thinking about how excited he is to feel the trans man on his own. Riley gets harder and harder as Ari edges closer to orgasm, desperate to feel what it’s like to fuck him for real.

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