What Could Get Japanboyz Model Fuji Out of Retirement? Hiroya Knows

Who could pass up the chance to ride that thick, rock-hard Asian dick?

After a couple months of retirement, Japanboyz superstar model Fuji is back—then again, who wouldn’t come out of retirement at the chance to take ride Hiroya? And after a little teasing foreplay, Hiroya knows just what to do.

He buries his face in that smooth crack and runs a curious tongue across Fuji’s tight hole, then drills a wet finger into his buddy’s ass. Rolling on a condom, Hiroya eases in. getting Fuji used to his rock hard Asian cock. He starts thrusting slow and easy, till Fuji’s moans get him going harder.

Hungry for cock, Fuji squats just above as Hiroya drives straight up into him. Fuji beats his cock furiously, shooting a thick creamy wad onto his abs before Hiroya pulls out, milking his long uncut piece until he adds to the sweet juicy puddle on the smooth, exhausted, satisfied, unretired porn star!

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