How Skyy Knox Is Keeping in Jaw-Dropping Shape During Quarantine, Why He Doesn’t Love Camming, and More

The nominee for GayVN's Performer of the Year gets naked over the phone to chat about a wild year, and what we have to look forward to in 2021.

Social media has taken away so much—but we have to celebrate the joys it has brought, too! Things like Twitter alts, Grindr sexts—and Skyy Knox’s accounts.

The Falcon exclusive has made almost a secondary career out of showcasing his fun, goofball energy in short videos on Twitter and Instagram. In addition to what one might expect from a gorgeous porn star—plenty of sex clips, plenty of ass slapping served with a smirk—Knox is serving sexy innocence just as much, as in this video of him unzipping a onesie and bouncing ecstatically to Christmas tunes.

“I like to keep it fun and light,” Knox says over the phone, revealing that he’s naked in bed for the conversation. “Nothing too crazy and nothing too serious.”

Fans are getting the real deal, too—Knox’s accounts are a genuine glimpse into who he is. “I find a lot of time on social media, people try to portray someone other than themselves, which is not the point!” he says. “It’s who you are and sharing your life and your adventures.”

There have been far fewer of the latter in 2020, which has been both a blessing and a curse for Knox, who is so often on the road traveling. On the one hand, he misses getting the chance to interact with fans or host shows or perform live. On the other, after years of being perpetually on the move, he’s been able to catch up with friends and loved ones and make up for all the birthdays and special events he’s missed.

In the first days of the shutdown in Canada, Knox, like so many other models, kept busy with online shows. “We were filming at-home things, cam shows, a whole bunch of horrible online events,” he says, groaning. “We did them because that was all we could do, but I don’t think anyone liked them! So hopefully I don’t have to do any more of those.” Knox may not have enjoyed the experience, but others certainly did: “Pumped with Skyy Knox” earned a GayVN Award nomination in the brand-new Best Quarantine Scene category for the 2021 awards; Knox also scored a nomination for performer of the year and best fetish scene with Mateo Zagal for MenAtPlay’s “Fucking Raise.”

Knox had never really done cam shows before in his career—though he does have an Only Fans page, as is de rigueur these days for a porn star—because the lack of a live audience bothers him. “I honestly don’t enjoy camming,  I find there’s no connection and I don’t like that,” he says, adding, “and I often find that a lot of viewers in the cam world are just kind of weird and creepy and mean. I’m like, ‘This is my show, not your show!'”

He’ll be relived to get back to live events in 2021, when hopefully he and his “porn husband,” the retired Johnny V, will be able to tour again. “I’m sure this summer we’ll be back in full force,” he says. “If the summer is ready, we’ll be ready to go on tour together again!”

And while he has been happy to explore some of his passions with his newfound downtime including cooking and keeping up with his dance training—Knox has danced for everyone from Madonna to Jason Derulo—there’s one very big part of his life that he has been forced to get creative about: The gym.

“Canada is real strict,” he says with a sigh. “We opened our gyms for maybe just over two months in the summertime or something, and then they closed down again.” So how does someone keep in Skyy Knox shape without a gym? “I have all those resistance bands everyone else has,” Knox admits with a laugh. “And at my friend’s house, there’s a bench press and squat rack and dumbbells. I go there as much as I possibly can. I’m not big, massive, swollen like I like to be, but I have maintained a natural athletic muscular physique.”

And he’s serving it to us on the regular on Twitter and Instagram: muscle with a side of adorable.

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