How Going Twitter Alt Feels So Right

If you're not ready to be horny on main just yet, consider a second, sexier Twitter account.

We’ve all learned a lot during the pandemic. How tenuous our healthcare system is. How ill-equipped we are for major disasters. What Patti LuPone’s basement looks like. And of course, what Twitter alts are. 

As more and more people turned “horny on main” during the initial quarantine free-for-all, the topic of alternative Twitter accounts, ones that allowed the freedom to post what you like, came up for inspection. Alts have existed in various forms since the dawn of social media—finstas or “fake Instagrams” have been extremely popular with millennials and Gen Z—and everyone has that uncle or relative who has a Parler for pushing their radical conspiracy theories. No? Just me? 

But the popularity of Twitter alts really began with the “Great Tumblr Purge” (as it is colloquially known) back in late 2019. That was the period when the platform announced that it would no longer host NSFW content, so many content creators made #TheGreatMigration over to Twitter, one of the few social media platforms where no such restrictions exist. And unlike gender, alts are pretty binary: Either you’re getting off on posting, or you’re getting off one watching. 

I created my own alt in the spring of 2019, after seeing more and more nudes popping up on my Twitter feed. Terrified that I would accidentally like a post, eventually I said fuck it and made a second account. I started having a great time, posting pics or videos of my dick or ass for those who might enjoy looking. 

One afternoon, I decided to post a video I had taken with @BenJenningsXXX, where I shot a load all over his face. I woke up the next morning to almost 70k views and an additional 2,000 followers. I never expected my account to blow up, but I embraced it! I wouldn’t consider myself a content creator or anything, but it’s been a great way to explore more of my sexuality while bringing others along for the ride; for exampleI’ve been able to explore my more dominant side while interacting with some subs who followed me. 

Once the pandemic hit this past March, everyone started working from home—and everyone got extremely horny. I spoke with quite a few guys who wished to remain anonymous—let’s say we spoke alt the record—who all expressed the same sentiment. Being stuck indoors without the ability to go out and fuck led many to turn to social media… which led to many realizing how positive the gay Twitter alt community is. Not just overall sex positivity, but body and kink positivity especially. @ctrlZalt is a lawyer in New York who made his account after a breakup, when he wanted to explore more of his exhibitionist side. He’s been surprised at how many of his friends have alts these days, adding that it’s nice to connect with others who have similar sexual interests. 

From everyone I’ve interacted with, including lawyers, journalists, college students, and data analysts, there is one thing we all have in common: We all love dick. So whether you have an alt to explore a new kink, connect with your fellow doms and subs, or to just rub one out after a long day at workenjoy it! 

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