Lion Reed Knows Just What Otter Avi Strider Wants

Hairy Ari loves being controlled, and Lion knows exactly what to do to make Ari cum for him.

When you’re in love with your best friend, it doesn’t matter what you do. Even something as simple as hanging out at the pool is special because you’re together. Bearded Lion Reed and otter Avi Strider aren’t exactly boyfriends but they sure act like it, what with all their intimacy and secret gazes.

After lounging in the sun and floating on the water, they dive into bed and start making out. Lion establishes his dominance, manhandling Avi, who clearly loves being controlled. In fact he doesn’t even put up a fight when Lion throws his legs up in the air and dives in, tongue first, rimming and spit-lubing the otter bottom. And once Lion slides that raw dick inside Avi, the furry man goes into orbit. He clearly wants that cock, needs to be fucked bareback, and wants Lion’s load. After taking Avi and riding him, the gentle giant sprays his seed all over Avi, who then whips one out while Lion fingers his hole, taking ownership of that one special place that would make any top want to dive in.

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