Corbin Fisher Releases New Ethan Scene

Noah Purvis, we just can't quit you—a week after speaking to TMZ, the former Love Island contestant is back in porn news.

Like the side hustle of a Real Housewife, this Noah Purvis story just won’t leave America alone.

A week after Purvis spoke to TMZ about his gay porn past that led to being removed from the current season of CBS’ Love Island—and his dubious claim that he’d been promised by Corbin Fisher that the scenes would never go public—CF clapped back by releasing another scene starring Ethan.

This one finds Ethan enjoying heterosexual intercourse… and having his ass played with and filled by a dildo. But for any Corbin Fisher and Ethan fans out there, his predilection for ass play isn’t news; he made sure his hole was a featured part of his very first solo video.

Over at Str8UpGayPorn, this is made to seem more scandalous than a Supreme Court nominee who can’t name the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment because tee hee! Butts are gay! How sad that a guy who found himself revealed as a porn performer in an abrupt and sudden way should be held in such contempt for how he’s handled the spotlight—and for his past choices. Joining the morality police force must feel like a combination of smoking and shooting up while cumming—otherwise, why else would so many people be so intent on judging others?

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