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Morgxn Thicke Shares Gender Expression at GayVN Awards

by Mike Zamora
Morgxn Thicke and Jonah Wheeler discuss gender identity at GayVN awards

“Butch Queen Tendencies” is how their bio on X describes them. Our correspondent Jonah Wheeler was able to sit down with Morgxn Thicke at the GayVN awards this year to dig deeper into what this means for the bearish, gender-defying performer.


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Thicke uses He/They pronouns and was a nominee at the 2024 GayVN Awards. This bearish adult star identifies as queer and nonbinary—and by doing so, challenges what it means to be either. He admits to Jonah Wheeler that they never saw someone like themselves in the industry. They said, “I didn’t see anybody do that when I was growing up… and so I thought ‘why not inspire some queer kids to be their authentic selves?'”

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Morgxn Thicke says they love building a connection with their scene partners. Their sexual dominance or submissiveness changes depending on the energy they feel from their co-stars. Thicke’s gender expression and unique approach have helped them collect nearly 400k followers on X, and we suspect their most recent Collab with Jkab Ethan Dale and Vander Pulaski will net them even more when it appears on YouTube star Davey Wavey’s Himeros network.

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