Eli Returns to Colby Knox and Goes Plump Ass Up ASAP

Can you blame Colby and Mickey for skipping foreplay to get their dicks into that bubble?

Welcome back, Eli Lincoln! He hasn’t played with Colby Chambers or Mickey Knox is a few years, which may be one reason the three get right down to the fucking, dispensing with foreplay almost altogether. (Honestly, some days foreplay is like a straw—a icky bonus, but not the reason you picked up your glass.)

Colby has Eli ass up and face down pretty quick, and doesn’t waste any time pumping away at those famously plump butt cheeks. Mickey gets Eli in a riding position, and watching that ass bounce up and down on Mickey’s cock is truly a thing of beauty. It all ends in four cumshots from three guys… watch the scene if you’re too horny to do the math.

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