Daddy Legrand Wolf Wakes Up Tiny Austin and Chase the Best Way: The Big-Dicked Way

These two fun-sized boys get Dr. Wolf's huge cock first thing in the morning, proving that coffee isn't always the best part of waking up.

Dr. Legrand Wolf knows he’s lucky to have two such beautiful, petite men in his house and he’s even luckier to find them both naked in bed! As they sleep, he can’t resist stroking their perfect, smooth bodies… until Austin wakes up and then Dr. Wolf needs more than touching. He needs to be balls deep in this boy!


Putting one of his large hands over Austin’s mouth to keep him quiet, he fucks him as Chase continues to sleep, until they both forget themselves and their moans of pleasure awaken the boy. Realizing what’s going on, he dives face first onto Austin’s dick, sucking his friend while he gets fucked in front of him.

As good as Austin’s ass is, Dr. Wolf is a greedy man who wants to go balls deep in Chase, too. As Chase continues to suck Austin, Dr. Wolf mounts him from behind, holding the boy down and plunging his cock into him with long, deep thrusts until he shoots his morning load deep into the boy.

The sight of these two naked, tiny boys keeps Dr. Wolf’s cock rock hard, and he’s back fucking Austin as hard as the boy wants till he finally shoots his load, too, ending their cum-drenched morning with snuggles and kisses until they’re all hard again.

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