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Jordan Starr has done all his fantasies on camera

"The public thing gets me more nervous than turned on"

by John Stevens
Jonah Wheeler, a caucasian male with a thick moustache is holding a lapel microphone with his right hand and pointing it to Jordan Starr, a beefier man with a black t-shirt saying 'Falcon Naked Sword'

For such a beefy man, Jordan Starr sure is a shy little rabbit.

Jonah Wheeler spoke with the twice-nominated performer at the GayVN Awards and Convention, but for someone who reveals all physically, Jordan is someone who is self-proclaimed very shy and anxious at big events.

“Honestly, naturally I’m kind of a shy person…being around a lot of people like this is actually anxiety-inducing for me,” he revealed.


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“I tend to stand off in the corner somewhere until somebody approaches me wanting to talk.”

But he seems like he was willing to overcome his natural shyness when it came to the BelAmi Boys.

“The BelAmi Boys are sharing a booth with us…they’re all very sexy,” he says.

We concur they are.

But for someone so shy, is there anything on camera that Jordan wants to do? Turns out…it’s all a bit old hat for the stud-muffin.

“I don’t think that I have anything that I want to play out that I haven’t done already.” Not even acting out one of his scenes in real life like getting railed by a hunky traveler Alexander Muller in airport customs?

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“Honestly, the public thing kind of gets me nervous more than turned on, so it may not be the best thing for me.”

Know your limits: that is a good takeaway. You may be an extrovert on camera, but no need to be the same thing off camera.

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