How Was Your Week, Darling: Justice for ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ Season 4 of ‘The Crown’ in 2 Minutes, and Why Trump’s Supporters Make Him a Bible Story

The takedowns and hot takes from a week in the life of Ken Darling.

Oh, Dear

Genius: a young Brit impressionist whose previous videos had a thousand views if he was lucky spoofs the latest season of The Crown in this 2-minute gem that already exceeds 100K views. Well deserved! It’s hilarious. I can barely type this I’m laughing so hard.


Ignorance—and Indifference—Is Bliss

I honestly don’t think our nation is as divided as we think; we have simply granted people with extreme views too much of our public bandwidth. We don’t need to prove them wrong or bring them in; we simply need to ignore them. Indifference is the best way to deal with the woke left and the Christian right. They have every right to their opinions, but they have no right to our attention. Ignore them. Dismiss them. Don’t engage. Turn off your Twitter. Don’t give them power they do not have.


Take a (Glenn) Close Look

“Hillbilly Elegy“ was a great book because of its incisive, first-person analysis of “white-trash” culture, not its depiction of it.

Sure, the film version is a mere depiction, without the book’s insight, but it’s still a moving portrait of an Appalachian family, warts and all; I don’t understand why critics are calling it elitist and condescending. It was honest and unblinking, if a bit trite.


The Worst Bible Story Ever

Trump’s handpicked attorney general, Bill Barr, just said there is no evidence, zero, of voter fraud of any kind that would affect Joe Biden’s clear victory. Every single swing state, most with Republican governors who are big promoters of Trump, have certified Biden’s victory as 100% valid in their states. The Department of Homeland Security, run by Trump appointees, and a panel of career federal prosecutors appointed by Barr to root-out election corruption have both declared definitively that there was no substantial fraud of any kind, that the 2020 election was the most secure in history.

And yet, millions of Americans, mostly Christian Nationalists, will hear none of it. They view Trump’s “victory” as they view stories in the Bible: As factually true on its face, incapable of being refuted by evidence, which exists only to confirm their pre-determined conclusions. The Earth is 7,000 years old; the Flood happened, complete with an ark; Noah’s ancestors kept dinosaurs as pets, and Donald Trump won the 2020 election. Period. End of discussion.

Such people cannot be reasoned with, only defeated and forced to submit.

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