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For Rick Kelson, slow and steady has led to success

by John Stevens
Rick Kelson, a hairy beefy man with salt and pepper hair and snowy down billowing from his blue tank top and the tightest white shorts that barely cover his manhood is speaking with Noah White, a twink with bunny ears as if we didn't know he is a horny boy.

Brawny, hairy but not all scary; Rick Kelson is such a delicious daddy. I can see our correspondent Noah White’s drool leak from the corner of his mouth in our most recent interview at The GayVNs. And also, his eyes keep darting down to Rick’s python-esque thighs.

Rick Kelson came to work in porn at the age of 50, and for him it seems slowly building his brand was what has led him to high-profile collaborations with studios like Treasure Island Media, Pantheon, Natural Born Breeders and many others.


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“I’ve been doing adult video now for five years, mostly doing stuff for OnlyFans and Just[for]Fans”, he tells Noah.

“Starting that old (50), I kind of had to build up a fan base before I could get studios attention. I had to show them that I was marketable.”

I don’t know what market you’re shopping at, but one look and I know I’d be buying that…in bulk.

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Luckily for Rick, he also had the help of not only his substantial attributes, but also several performers.

“Fortunately, I have a number of very good friends who are involved in the industry. So, as soon as I started I had collaborations with a lot of big names,” says Rick with gratitude plastered on his face.

“It really helped get me started.”

Judging from the delightful squeeze of Noah’s lily-white legs, I doubt that’s the only thing that got started.

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