We’ve Reached the 3rd Episode of ‘Slag Wars’ and I Have No Notes!

Are you still not watching Slag Wars? Why are you not watching Slag Wars? Do you not care about the Cock Destroyers?

Fuck yes. 

Fuck yes!

Slag Wars is transcendent. With Episode 3, the Men.com SFW reality series is finally arriving as the show I dreamed it would be, and wow. Just wow.

First of all, every single one of these slaggots destroyed every single challenge. Well, almost, but every bit of it is just pure insane energy and chaos and the show is owning that. The balance they’re achieving of ironic insane reality TV with really heartfelt stuff, and then right back to irony—it’s very self-aware.

As a sex worker, it’s really refreshing to see the awkwardness of making content and porn show up on screen. And how they break out of it. Cameron, for example, had been a little stiff or maybe insecure in some challenges before. But god, I hate to even offer any criticism at all of anyone anymore! It’s the Sophie influence. And that’s part of why it’s so fun to watch, because the show is so positive and loving.

Until it isn’t.

Back to Cameron. We witness his transformation (and everyone’s, really) as they cut loose and learn to just be hot-ass, sexy, cock-craving sluts. They have so much fun1 Cameron wins this challenge by breaking out his shell and just being stupid and having fun and living that shameless over-the-top Cock Destroyer vibe. You wanna root for everybody. And they make it easy because this week, people were just absolutely stunning.

You have no idea what’s in store for the Passion Project, the (holy shit) “LeCock Cabaret”! (Theater Fags rejoice.)

Nicky and Tyreece bring the goddamn house down. Literally flawless performances. Just from a physical theater perspective Tyreece kind of has a “bag of tricks” when it comes to the splits and gymnastics, but this is a literal footnote (just doing my job!)because Tyreece is incredible in their performance. Nicky, on the other hand, blows it out of the fucking water. There are no words.

Then these two have a moment together! We get such cute little moments of sincerity and touching stuff in this episode. Nicky was being short with the other contestants in the drama segment of Act I, and eventually, Tyreece confronts her about it. It’s actually so funny—the Greek Chorus of the Reality TV mechanism cuts to Nicky smoking and croons, “Cigarettes are bad for youuuuuu” to the tune of a standard TV-slowdown transition. Nicky was feeling isolated as “the only trans girl” in the house and venting about that, but apparently, Nicky had no idea that Tyreece is gender queer. So they have this moment, and it’s beautiful. And we know Tyreece is genderqueer, but who knows how all of this is actually going down on filming days. You get some idea, but that’s all a part of its appeal. How much of this is just slutty slop, how much is a gag, how much is sluts selling us their porno and shamelessly promoting, how much is exciting real drama? It doesn’t shy away from that dissonance.

Especially with Rebecca More. God, she is terrifying at certain points in this episode, especially grilling contestants Cain and Cameron—who chose to do comedy roasts of the Destroyers?! But she fucks with the people who were good, too. You gotta watch this show if you’re not watching it. Please! I’m begging you.

And you know what? I’m not telling you who leaves after the double (penetration) elimination. It’s good and you should be watching it. So there.

What I will tell you is that I think this show has something up its sleeve, and I think it’s gonna be really fucking good. Next episode—the finale!—features ambulance lights.

It’s gonna be so fucking gay. I can’t wait!

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