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Staghomme Announces Return Via Carnal Media

Bastian Karim Toplines Carnal's Euro Revival

by John Stevens
Five men are against purple background. In the centre is Bastian Karim, an olive skinned young man who is shirtless. Below the words "Staghomme: Have You Touched Power" in gold. Under that is "Only On Carnal Plus" with a banner on the left bottom corner stating "Relaunch"

“Enter Europe’s underground where the male body is the currency of control. Mafia. Clergy. Politics. Business. The powerful control and orchestrate in the shadows of Europe. Sex between men is forbidden, authorized exclusively for Europe’s elite. Control is their source of money and power. Watch Europe’s Hottest Men, Held In The Grip Of Power, on Staghomme.”

Dormant for a decade, the legendary European porn brand Staghomme is now with Carnal Media. With the project starring recent exclusive Bastian Karim, Staghomme features a voyeuristic peek into the secret world of Europe’s elite and their erotic plays for power.

Legrand Wolf, President and Founder of Carnal Media is excited about bringing Staghomme back, originally launched in 2008 by Italian hunk Francesco D’Macho.

“Staghomme is content that I watched, loved, and was inspired by when I first entered the adult industry. The casting, the filming, the ideas that they were pursuing…I loved all of it.”

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Staghomme will be relaunching with new stories featuring Bastian Karim, alongside some of Europe’s hottest performers including: Sir Peter, Scott Carter, Apolo Adrii and more. Bastian Karim is himself a highly decorated performer, having three EU Grabbys and the 2023 Performer of the Year at the XBiz Europa Awards.

“Relaunching this studio has been a labor of love,” explains Carnal Media CMO Alan Breslaw. “Bastian flexes all his talents in leading our Spanish production team, which includes award winning director Alter Sin. We’re excited to bring this to fans around the world.”

Staghomme.com is back, bigger and dirtier than ever before.

Sources: Carnal Media

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