Solo Sunday: New JO Compilation From Amateurs Do It, Guido Plaza’s Muscles, and Ripped Twunks

If you're going to spend a lazy Sunday stroking to porn, do it with these solitary men showing and getting off.


One, where is this spa because this looks chic and sexy and not at all like the faltering community rec center vibes that mine gives out. And that’s even before Guido Plaza shows up, cocky and cock-y, to stroke his perfect dick and flex those muscles. He could steam up the windows of a nun’s Volkswagen.



There are plenty of hot photos of Caleb Ramble with his cock out, his fist wrapped around the thick shaft… but this photo is the one that made me go, “Oh, now I need more!” I love a guy who’ll get fully naked for an audience—but damn, is seeing that bulge in those shorts just as hot! Luckily, we get both from Caleb is this solo video.

Aussie Memorable Wanks and Cums

After more than 15 years of amateurs stripping down and getting off, there are plenty of memorable moments from Amateurs Do It to include in a compilation. There are also thousands of men!

Nevertheless, we did the rock-hard work of narrowing down all those hunks to these 10 hotties, all of whom managed to be sexy as hell and provide us with cum shots worth remembering.

Check out these 10 guys’ jacking scenes and cumshots–and stay tuned for more hot amateurs getting naked and cumming for us!

And finally, these two smooth muscle twunks from Doggy Boys know exactly how to put on a solo show. Mariano gets out his vibrating dildo to shoot his cream, and Carlos Jorge just has to look in the mirror at his oiled up, flexing muscles to blow. Same, Carlos. Same.

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