Johnny Rapid Tops (!) During a Birthday Getaway Fuckfest

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a bunch of horny, hot, hung friends?

As Dorothy Parker once quipped, “Ducking for apples… there but for a typographical error is the story of my life.” Which brings us to new Naked Sword original Happy Fuckin’ Birthday Johnny Rapid. Is he celebrating his birthday or the anniversary of the first time he had sex? Is that a thing people celebrate slash remember? Probably.

More importantly, our favorite power bottom has a big ol’ announcement: He’s also a top! And he proves it here, alongside Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton, Apollo Fates, and Jackson Cooper.

Get a sneak peek at Rapid’s topping skills here, and get a look at the rest of the movie (also available on DVD, if that’s a thing you’re into?) below.


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