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Pup Kaden is at the GayVN Awards “for friends”

But he wouldn't say no to shooting with Joey Mills

by John Stevens
Pup Kaden is looking directly at the camera next to Noah White. Pup Kaden is a wearing a latex Spiderman suit and a pup hood. Noah White is a blonde young man wearing a purple t-shirt.

In a change of pace for our exclusive GayVN interviews, Noah interviewed Pup Kaden (aka Kaden Willoughby) a sexy human pup with a big TikTok following (over 169K followers!) This versatile split (“I play on both ends”) is a cute boy with a mop of blonde hair and a latex Spiderman suit.

We don’t get the chance often to chat with any kink/fetish performers, so speaking with Kaden is a joy because we see another side of the porn industry.


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He even shows off his pup hood for us!

“I don’t know if you’re ready for this” says Kaden, but we’re more than ready. It’s super cute.

For Kaden, the GayVNs are really about networking rather than shooting content, “I’m here mostly for friends,” he says.

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But that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t like the chance to shoot with the 2023 Favorite Twink Joey Mills.

“If it happens, it happens.”

All of Pup Kaden’s content can be found on this linktree.

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