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Alex Sparks Talks About The Power of CMNM Porn at GayVNs

by Mike Zamora

He may be a cameraman by day, but Alex Sparks let us in on a little secret about his own appearances on the other side of the lens!


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The adult film industry relies on the hard work of far more people than just the 1-25 people you see on screen. While at the 2024 GayVN Award show, behind-the-scenes cameraman and producer Alex Sparks told Jonah Wheeler that he, too, enjoys flip-flopping to the other side of the camera.

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After discussing the six films Sparks starred in, they got onto the subject of a new genre of pornography that’s a lot more popular than you might think: CMNM, or “Clothed Male Nude Male.”

It is exactly what it sounds like. One of the studs is clothed and the other is not. Although Wheeler and Sparks initially disagreed on who has the power role (clothed or not clothed,) they did agree that the power dynamic for these scenes can really turn up the heat.

Whether you see the clothed man as the power figure because he’s so hot he doesn’t have to even take his clothes off, or the nude man as powerful because he is confident enough to be completely naked, Sparks breaks it down perfectly. “I think there’s multiple narratives you could spin, and I think that’s the amazing part.”

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