Sean Cody Star Ricky Donovan On His Online Success, Twerking Skills, and Filming With Partner Johnny Donovan

Plus, hear Donovan talk about the sheer amount of marketing and branding that goes into turning being great at sex into a sustainable career!

Ricky Donovan—who has made a name for himself with Sean Cody releases and a popular OnlyFans account with his partner, Johnny—joins The Gay Goodies to talk about life as a twerking gay porn star.

Surviving the Las Vegas heat in earth tones, Ricky chats about how he and Johnny’s combined skills have served their careers well; quitting their jobs to focus exclusively on adult content just before the pandemic; and the thrill of being a Sean Cody boy.

Plus, hear about his go-to go-go boy moves, the importance of red, white, and blue in an avatar, and what he wants for his future in gay porn.

Watch the full interview below, and comment to let us know who you want to see interviewed next!

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