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Blain O’Connor is a self-described “Trophy Wife”

Alex Sparks finds out about Blain O'Connor at the GayVN Awards

by John Stevens
Blain O'Connor, a tattooed muscular man with a black tank top (with ASG Max written in white and blue lettering on it) speaks with Alex Sparks, a thin man with glasses, black hair and a blakc t-shirt with The Gay Goods written with white lettering. They are sitting on white leather couches.

Blain O’Connor is a “good little housewife.” No, I’m not being cute, he is: that’s how he describes himself in our latest exclusive interview with the ASG Max exclusive hunk.

Alex Sparks got the opportunity to sit down with this versatile Midwestern muscle man and find out how he is enjoying sex work after a change in career came due to COVID-19 lay-offs.

But you ask him what his favorite thing about sex work is? “The freedom…to prioritize my life, my relationship…be in charge of yourself.”

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Outside of sex work, Blain describes himself as “a trophy wife” because he enjoys gardening, cleaning and the aforementioned cooking.

Well, that’s one trophy we’d all like on our mantles huh?

Check out Blain’s Only Fans for some of his content alongside his work at ASG Max!

Sources: ASG Max, Instagram, Only Fans

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