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Shrunk 3D’s Miniature Body Printing at GayVN Awards

by Mike Zamora
Jonah Wheeler sits down with Shrunk3d to learn about their product.

You just never know who you’re going to run into at an awards show. Jonah Wheeler got the scoop on how one company is trying to put the tiniest smiles on faces at the 2024 GayVN Awards. The company is Shrunk 3D, and thier brand ambassador Stephen Dagley showed off a miniature 3D printed statue of appropriate attire for a gay porn awards show.

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So, Shrunk 3D brought their mobile printing station to the red carpet and explained how it works. You step into their trailer. The system scans your body 190 different ways to get all of your angles. Then, the computer makes a miniature 3D printed replica of yourself. To demonstrate, Steven brought a recently printed statue of Thor Johnson in the buff holding a Longhorn head.



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Of course, they do much more than just nude figurines for porn stars. They also do—and this part made my jaw drop because I recently got married and would have loved to do this with my spouse—wedding cake toppers. “You can memorialize different moments: your dance competition awards, an award for a performance you do, anything… it’s a wedding cake topper.”

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