CBS and Love Island Fuck Over Corbin Fisher Model

CF's Ethan was gone, girl, with nary a word from the network or the show after making his debut September 17.

Almost 20 years have passed since Frenchie Davis got kicked off of American Idol for once posing topless, but don’t worry: The morality police are still out in full force when it comes to protecting the integrity of reality series such as *checks notes* Love Island?

Yes, the show that shamelessly showcases ripped men and women in beautiful oceanside settings in the hopes of manipulating them into psychosexual dramas on a nightly basis found out that September 17 addition Noah Purvis has a background in gay porn, and promptly yanked him from the show and removed all traces of him from its websites by the end of the weekend.

Working under the name Ethan for Corbin Fisher, Purvis’ most recent scene dropped earlier this month—but somehow no one involved with Love Island did a thorough enough background check to familiarize themselves with that aspect of Purvis’ résumé. Leave it to the horndogs of social media to clock Purvis immediately, and breathlessly talk about his presence on the heterosexual series. (This long confirms my suspicion that no one at CBS is gay.)

And what does one do in the face of someone who has participated in penetrative, man-on-man sex? Get rid of him just as swiftly and silently as you can! Spirit him away in the night, and certainly don’t draw attention to his abrupt absence by explaining it! Or referencing it. Or allowing another contestant to mention the missing person and why he may suddenly may have had to leave the aggressively hetero show!

And it’s important to note that Love Island is a heterosexual series, because one would be hard-pressed to think of a straight male porn star who would be unceremoniously pulled from a reality series without comment from the network. When that comment did finally come, it went straight to the anchors of Entertainment Tonight, a show that until today I had no idea was still on air:

“It has been brought to our attention that cast member Noah Purvis provided false information on his application to Love Island, which violates his contestant agreement. He has been removed from the show.”

No word yet on what that false information may be, and Purvis has remained publicly silent, but Corbin Fisher seemingly confirmed his alt identity with its own statement on Twitter, in which they also ponder why straight sex workers have been allowed to appear for whole seasons on CBS series:

What a wasted opportunity to feature a meaningful conversation about the spectrum of sexuality on an episode of Love Island, and what it means for straight-identifying performers to do gay porn. Then again, this is the series in which the voiceover mercilessly mocks the contestants, so perhaps a thoughtful tete-a-tete about the Kinsey scale would be amiss.

In that case, kicking Purvis off is still a crime because dayum! He is one attractive man.

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