Great Goods: The Must-Have Sex Products for the Holidays

Whether you're solo or fucking on the regular, here are 4 products that will make getting off even better.

We’ve told you about the creams and unguents and scents and lotions that will make you look good—now we’re here to tell you about all the stuff that’s gonna make you feel great.

We’re talking about sex stuff.

That’s right, just in time for any possible Black Friday deals, we’re here to list off four products that will help you jack off. So grab your credit cards now!

Cake: Let’s Do It All kit
This is absolutely going to be the next product taking over your Instagram ads—but this one is probably worth a buy! Sexual wellness brand Cake has come up with fun, cheeky lubes designed both for butt stuff and for jerking it! One-stop shop right here, guys.

Champ Starting Lineup
In case you’re a PrEP and condoms guy, or you’re just off the little blue guy while you figure out your insurance, here’s a set from the Casper of condoms that boasts everything you need for some quarantine quickies. Masks not included!

Future/Method Butt + Body Scrub
You can tell everyone that this stuff makes your skin feel baby soft, and let them feel your arms as proof—but you can tell the men in your life that this is specifically designed to make your butt smooth (and scrub away lube). Better yet: Show, don’t tell. See if he can identify the notes of cedar, clove, and citrus!

Maude’s Night In Kit
A candle, bubble bath, and lube—what else do you need to set the mood? There’s also a “stay in bed” kit that includes a vibrator, if you’re looking to treat yourself.

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