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The 10 Jockstraps I’m Most Excited About In 2024

by Hayden
A man posing in a jockstrap

Get ready for a sizzling journey through the world of jockstraps in 2024!

I’m here not just as a writer, but as someone who deeply appreciates how hot these pieces can look on guys. Jockstraps aren’t just about comfort or utility; they’ve become a celebrated kink (and must have piece) in the gay community, and I totally get why. Whether it’s the way they accentuate the male form or add an edge to any look, there’s something undeniably sexy about them. From hitting the gym where they highlight our hard work, to lounging at home where comfort meets style, or simply giving us that extra surge of confidence under our jeans, jockstraps have become a personal favorite.

That’s why I’ve enthusiastically explored the market to find the must-haves of 2024. Join me in exploring the hottest jockstraps of the year, each a piece that not only makes a statement but also celebrates the diverse expressions of gay sexuality and style. If you like what you see, click the link text in the image and check it out!

Calvin Klein’s Cotton Stretch 3-Pack Jock Strap

Calvin Klein just gave their classic jock strap a super comfy makeover. It’s all about that soft, stretchy cotton now, and it even has this cool wicking tech to keep you feeling fresh and chill. And of course, it’s rocking that iconic Calvin Klein waistband we all know and love. It’s sporty, sexy, and perfect for everyday wear. Plus, it’s got that snug pouch and just the right amount of coverage to keep things interesting.

MuscleMate Thong G-String

SKYSPER Men's Jockstrap Cotton & Mesh Underwear


SKYSPER jockstraps are a total win for those active moments, offering breathable, moisture-wicking fabric for ultimate comfort during workouts or sports. Blending an attractive brief shape with strap-sexiness, they provide excellent support for the boys, while also offering protection during high-impact activities. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to blend functionality with personal fashion.

Sukrew’s Jockstrap Multipack (Verdant Green & Deep Purple)


(via Sukrew)

Check this out: we’ve got a roomy pouch that’s still snug where it counts. It’s unlined for that extra give, and rocks a cool low-rise look. The straps are a comfy 2cm wide. Plus, it’s made from this super soft cotton fabric in gorgeous deep purple and verdant green. And, don’t forget the waistband–it’s a chunky 5cm with the stylish SUKREW branding.

Marcuse – Superstar Jockstrap – Black

Here’s an awesome black jockstrap from Marcuse Australia–it’s super shiny and low-rise. Ready to steal the spotlight? The Marcuse Superstar Jockstrap has this cool metallic fabric that glows with every light, perfect for showing off your star quality. Plus, it’s got this neat contour pouch (unlined, by the way) and leg straps that match. And don’t get me started on the waistband–the studded, branded band really makes you feel Hollywood!

Versace’s Greca Border Jockstrap


(via Versace)

Italian luxury desigern Versace isn’t going to be unfamiliar to anygays that are even mildly fashion aware. It’s made from comfy cotton and has this cool Greca pattern on the elastic waistband, topped with a neat Medusa design. Versace is on top of the fashion world, so I probably don’t have to explain how beautiful and detailed their work is–or that this is on the pricey-er side of this list.

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Andrew Christian’s ALMOST NAKED Sports Mesh Jock

Here’s the latest ALMOST NAKED® Sports Mesh Jock undies from famed gay sportswear design Andrew Christian. They’re the perfect combo of sporty and sexy. Choose from two cool, high-contrast colors, and rock these breathable mesh briefs during your hardcore workouts.  Your goods will just naturally fit into what Andrew calls the “hang-free pouch,” making these undies super comfy and unique to wear.

Coyotejocks Super White Varsity Set

Coyotejocks Super White Varsity Set

Coyotejocks Super White Varsity Set

The Super White set from Coyotejocks is killer. Taking the classic band and turning it into a pec-hugging bondage strap is both kinky as hell and remarkably clever. The choice to have Jess Mesino model this ultra-masculine jock fantasy was equally as captivating, and I hope the completely impractical jock-harness becomes a thing all companies strive for moving forward.

CODE 22 – Motion Push-Up Jockstrap – Black

As part of it’s recently released CODE 22 campaign, the brand has launched a strikingly masculine jockstrap. It’s black with some eye-catching turquoise details, and they’ve really knocked it out of the park combining a sporty look with a bit of a futuristic vibe. Plus, it’s got this awesome “push-up” feature in the pouch that really shows off your goods. They’ve mixed up black and turquoise, and thrown in some athletic mesh and modal panels for a unique style.

Modus Vivendi’s Jean Jockstrap

Hey denim lovers and trendsetters! Get ready to meet your new favorite piece from MODUS VIVENDI‘s Jeans line. Imagine the classic feel of jeans but in a regular fit, made with a super comfy viscose elastane fabric that’s just like denim but way softer. These aren’t just any undies; they’re decked out with cool decorative branded press studs and a sleek, heat-embossed logo on the waistband. 

Breedwell’s Transistor Jock

Transistor Jock

(via Breedwell)

With the Transistor Jock, Breedwell delivers the literal “cockpit of your dreams.” This jockstrap is made out of strap fabric with a cock pouch and a removable flap. You can click on anything or anyone at any time with the signature Breedwell hardware like D-rings and chrome-plated clips. The fabric is soft, breathable, and the fit is awesome. 


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