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How The Fleshlight Turned Gay

Or: How Pink Dollars Created The Fleshjack

by Hayden
Popular porn star Reign shows off his branded Fleshjack.

Fleshlights were a game-changer when it comes to sex toys. Since its introduction in the 90s, this iconic pleasure device has revolutionized sexual satisfaction. However, the story doesn’t end there, and it’s a story not just about the Fleshlight itself: it’s about the fascinating transformation that gave birth to its gay cousin, the Fleshjack.

Let’s get one thing straight—the Fleshlight wasn’t designed with diversity in mind. If it was, the Fleshjack might not have existed at all! Let’s look at the journey these toys took.

The Origin of the Fleshlight

When Steve and Kathy Shubin were expecting twins in the mid-1990s, Kathy faced a high-risk pregnancy situation. The couple contemplated their options for intimacy after her doctor told her not to engage in sexual activity. It was Steve’s idea to get a masturbation aid that went beyond a simple tool for self-pleasure, a device that could replace sexual encounters. Their options were limited, like cumbersome, unattractive inflatable dolls, often associated with low quality and sleaze.

Steve decided to take matters into his own hands (heh) and make a sex toy of his own. The Shubins invested $50,000 in developing a patented material called SuperSkin, which closely mimics the feel of human skin. They introduced a line of “sexually usable body parts” in 1995, essentially sleeves resembling vaginas and anuses. The products struggled on the market, so Steve developed a smaller version that was easy to access, durable, and, most importantly, easy to hide. His company would later become known as Interactive Life Forms. Later, the company realized it needed to cater to the LGBTQ+ community, so it created Fleshjack—a brand tailored to those that love men.

The Emergence of Fleshjack

A Fleshjack replaces simulated vaginal orifices with male counterparts. SuperSkin material is still used in fleshjacks, but they’re customized to fit every gay man’s fantasy with unique textures, patterns, and lengths. There are usually three orifice options: the mouth, the asshole, and the whole ass (including the cheeks). Hundreds of different textures are made up of bumps, ridges, and other shapes that combine with constrictions and curves.

Its SuperSkin material is known for its lifelike texture and lack of toxic elements, and thusly, doesn’t have that off-putting chemical smell. Fleshjacks are pretty durable if they get proper and consistent maintenance. That last part is particularly important since, like the Fleshlight, neglect can lead to mold developing inside the sleeves.

As the penis adapts to the intricate textures and sensations of Fleshjack, it goes through a “break-in period.” Some people face Death Grip Syndrome (DGS), where familiarity with a firmer grip makes the Fleshjack less stimulating, causing temporary disinterest. Many don’t realize this is a passing phase, and regular use of the Fleshjack can help the penis and mind adjust. Using water-based lubricants will ensure the longevity of your Fleshjack, since oil and silicone-based lubricants can gradually degrade it. If you want to take your orgasm to the next level, warm the Fleshjack before use—either by running warm water through the sleeve or soaking it in warm water.

The terms Fleshlight and Fleshjack are often used interchangeably in research, but they cater to different tastes. There’s a wide variety of Fleshjacks available now, which is largely thanks to…

Collaboration and Representation

Many well-known gay porn stars teamed up with Fleshjack to create ‘Fleshjack Boys’ sleeves that give fans a lifelike experience. Several notables have contributed to these collaborations, including Brent Corrigan, Trenton Ducati, Joey Mills, and Jake Bass. As a result of these partnerships, the brand has expanded its presence and diversified its products.

Beyond the products, collaboration has a big impact. Various sexual preferences have been portrayed through Fleshjack’s collaborations. They’re a great way to highlight new Fleshjack products and explore some of the star’s recent partnerships. Porn star Reign, for example, is the company’s “end-of-summer” collaboration featuring a unique “Champ” texture for him. (And, of course, Fleshjack offers a Reign Dildo, too. How could you not?)

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Pornstar Jake Bass posing with his Fleshjack product

Jake Bass and his Fleshjack (via Fleshjack)

Challenges and Controversies

Every breakthrough product has its cons and turn-offs. Critics like askmen say it doesn’t top the “real thing” and doesn’t present nearly as tight a hole as actual anal. LoveHoney.com, however, gives it props.

“Feels exactly like a real butt! Initially, I bought this item to train myself to top better, as I was having trouble, and now it’s turned into a bit of a weekly routine to use,” the website explained.

According to Amazon, the Fleshjack, created after Corrigan’s ass, has a overall rating of 4.3, and has received five stars from 69% of its purchasers. One customer even claims to have came 12 times in a row. (Maybe someone should contact that user for porn, huh?) 

The Future of Fleshjack

The Fleshjack doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Tyler Wu, former figure skater turned adult film star, joined Fleshjack in March 2023. ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ contestants Manila Luzon, Heidi N Closet, and Willam were featured on Fleshjacks released that May. In the same year, the company also shaped a Fleshjack to simulate porn star Brock Banks‘ butt. Clearly, creating unique Fleshjack products is something Interactive Life Forms plans to keep doing—guess the pink dollar is still strong, huh?

An anonymous male using the Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch (via The Big Gay Review)

Fleshjack has even found use for AI in it’s products. For instance, the Fleshlight Launch automatically strokes its user and can be synced with virtual reality to bring fantasies closer to home. We’re probably not that far off from our computers being a sort of literal sex chamber, at this rate. The company’s future looks bright—so long as men need a warm hole to fuck.

Does the Fleshjack compare to the real thing? Of course not. But, when the hubby’s not at home, it’s comforting to know there’s a high quality second place.

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