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How To Be The Top Every Bottom Wants

by Hayden
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Okay, let’s talk about how to top in the hookup game. Sure, we’re kinda the ‘in-demand’ bunch, but hey, that doesn’t mean we’ve got it easy. To really stand out on Grindr or wherever, it’s not just about the skills and confidence. Guys, it’s also about your stylehow you show up and turn heads. Think of it as your personal brand. So, forget the usual stuff for a sec; let’s chat about how to tweak your look to get those heads turning and DMs popping, abs or no abs. Get ready to take some notes!

Dressing to Fuck

Let’s get real about what it means to dress as a top. It’s less about fitting into a specific mold and more about rocking a style that screams confidence and comfort. You want to stand out, but not because you’re dressed like every other guy at the gym or a college frat party. It’s about finding what works for you, your body, and your personality.

So, forget the one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you’re a gym bunny, a gruff big-bellied bear, or somewhere in between, your outfit should reflect who you are. Maybe it’s a well-fitted shirt that shows off your arms, or a pair of jeans that highlights your best assets. Comfort is key, so choose clothes that make you feel good. And shoes? Go for what you like, whether they’re classic boots, sneakers, or something more formal. Just make sure it’s well put together, you know?

Underwear, while often unseen, can be a fun way to express yourself. Whether it’s a jockstrap or something else, choose what makes you feel sexy. Remember, the real secret to turning heads isn’t in a backward cap or brand name gear. It’s all about how you carry yourself with confidence. That’s what really makes the magic happen.

Establishing a Comfortable and Safe Environment

Let’s dive into something super essential but often glossed over—creating that perfect vibe for a hot, memorable night. It’s not just about the main event; setting the right mood plays a massive part in ensuring you and your partner feel totally at ease and ready for fun.

Start with the ambiance. You want a space that’s both inviting and intimate. Think dimmed lights, strategically placed candles (scented for an extra touch), and perhaps some low-key music in the background. You’re aiming for a more ‘romantic retreat’ vibe than a ‘fluorescent-lit office.’

But here’s the real deal: communication. Great sex is all about great talk. It’s like getting a feel for the water before a swim. Chat with your partner. What are their likes and dislikes? Any boundaries or turn-ons? And hey, it’s a two-way street—share your thoughts and desires, too. This isn’t just chit-chat; it’s about building a connection. This is gonna be especially important if you want to hook up with them again!

Great sex is all about great talk (via Quora)Let’s talk about consent because it’s as important as it is hot. Consent is continuous. Stay alert to your partner’s comfort levels. Are they into it? Do they seem at ease? When in doubt, ask. It’s all about ensuring you are on board and in the moment.

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Comfort is another biggie. Ensure the room isn’t too chilly, and have all the essentials (like lube and condoms) within easy reach. Remember, a relaxed partner means a happier, more enjoyable experience for both of you.

And boundaries—we’ve all got them, and they’re valid. Maybe your partner isn’t into some things, and that’s okay. Respect their limits as they should respect yours. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where both of you feel good and excited.

Preparing for a Good Time

Let’s chat about gearing up for those steamy moments. You know, setting the stage for an unforgettable night (or day—no judgment here)!

Let’s get one thing straight: foreplay isn’t just the appetizer, it’s part of the main course (ass). Think of it as the spicy buildup that makes everything else taste better. Instead of rushing, why not savor every touch, every kiss? It’s about cranking up the heat and getting both of you supercharged for what’s next. Remember, the best journeys are those where you relish every step, not just the destination.

Two males passionately embracing in bed

It’s all about connection (via TheConversation)

Now, onto setting the stage for a night that’s more than just memorable. This part is all about that ‘deep’ connection. Pay attention to the small things. Is your partner comfortable? Are you both on the same wavelength? It’s these little details that turn a good night into an unforgettable one. So, ‘dive in,’ be present, and create those o-mazing memories together.

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A Bittersweet Ending

Let’s talk about the grand finale of your steamy sex session. After fucking a tight ass, it’s crucial to handle the aftermath with the same finesse and swagger you brought to the bedroom. This isn’t just about a polite ‘goodbye’ or a generic ‘that was great’ comment. It’s about being real and clear with your intentions, whether you’re looking for a one-time thrill or something more regular.

If they gave you the best cum session of your life and you’re thinking about round two (or three,) let them know. A simple “Hey, I had a great time, and I’d be up for doing this again” can work wonders. It’s straightforward, cool, and keeps the door open without sounding too needy.

But here’s the real kicker: The way you handle the post-sex chat can leave a lasting impression. If it was your first time or your thousandth as a top, always remember: Confidence is your best friend. Guys are seriously into tops who own their space and are comfortable in their own skin. Show that confidence not just in bed, but also in your approach afterward. It’s not just about getting them to come back for more; it’s about leaving them thinking, “Damn, that was good!” And who knows, they just might become a regular chapter in your steamy storybook.

Remember, being a top is an art form—from start to finish. It’s about more than just the physical; it’s about creating an experience that’s unforgettable. And trust me, if you got out of your way to make sure your bottom is taken care of, they’ll notice.

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