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Legrand Wolf Announces Fitcher, New Fan Platform Giving Models 90% of Profits

by Mark Durane

As models and performers began casting an eye for their next fan platform home after Only Fans announced it would no longer host sexually-explicit content, Legrand Wolf mad an announcement on his personal Twitter regarding a brand-nw fan platform set to launch shortly.

Fitcher, according to its Twitter account, was intended to launch October 1. Read the platform’s full statement below:

In light of today’s news from OnlyFans, our team has received a huge number of requests to make an announcement about our platform ahead of launch.

Our project called Fitcher.com has been kept closely guarded secret, and the official launch date was weirdly, and very coincidentally, set for October 1st. A few months ago as Twitter accounts were getting banned and OnlyFans was hinting that they were going to drop adult content creators, we began building a platform that would never censor the adult community. A cross between Twitter and OnlyFans, where content creators come first. And we could give conte creators the highest payout of any platform,.

There are at least 2 fan platforms that are fully capable of absorbing OnlyFans creators right now…today. While the change at OnlyFans don’t go into effect until October, content creators can just move onto one of these 2 platforms right away. And the truth is, neither are bad options. But we want to be clear aFitcher.com is the better log term solution. Here’s why:

Early adopters who email and get signed up before October 1st will take home 100% of the profits for 6 months. After that initial period, content creators will get 90% of the profits forever.

So yes, you can rebound with one of the existing fan platforms, or you can be part of the most exciting fan platform to date, Fitcher.com.

If you are interested in being an early adopter, we need you to:
1) Go to Fitcher.com and get on the mailing list
2) Send an email to [email protected] with a link to your profile on whichever fan platform you are on
3) Follow us on Twitter to get announcements and updates @fitcherHQ

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