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Brutal Hung Top Takes Advantage of Sub Foot Pig Bottom

by Tony Bullock

David knows what he likes and he’s not ashamed about it. He’s a foot pig and a cock sucker and proud of serving dominant men who know how to use him. Sniffing out fun one night, he comes across just such an alpha: Tony.

Tony slips off his sneakers and gives David a nose full of his ripe, sweaty feet. The powerful scent is enough to make David dizzy, feeling the heat from his feet on his face as he gets down and services his master. Tony makes sure David sucks out all the sweat from socks before giving him the task of working on his cock, a job David is more than happy to take on.

Tony’s enormous uncut cock gags David as he struggles to take it all, holding his hands behind his back to keep from annoying his dominant with attempts to fight back. Tony wants a cocksucker he just takes and takes without concern for comfort, and that’s just what David strives to be.

David’s eyes tear up as he tried to take the double digit inches down his throat, seeing Tony relentlessly fuck his face with total control and entitlement. Tony loves that David is the perfect sub, but is frustrated he can’t fuck his mouth with the fury he likes.

Bending David over, Tony pulls down his underwear, fingers his hole rough and raw before slamming his monster cock deep inside. David bucks trying to take it all, but that doesn’t dissuade his dominant top. Tony fucks his bottom with total disregard for his comfort or desire, knowing that his hole is his for the taking.

As his nuts pound against David’s ass, Tony feels himself rev up for a massive burst from deep within. He’ll cum when he’s ready, knowing that David would happily suffer for the chance to help the dominant man milk out a load of his superior seed.

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