Forget the Turkey—These Sons Are What Need to Get Stuffed This Thanksgiving

It's a family fuckfest this holiday as Felix Kamp, Killian Knox, Matthew Figata, Jack Andram, and Cole Blue show just what they're grateful for.

You can keep Charlie Brown: This Thanksgiving orgy is the only holiday special I need. Somebody shoved this video in my mailbox with a note that said “turkey basting,” and that’s the fucking truth.

It starts when young Cole is playing video games with his friends Jack and Marcus, who shock Cole by talking about how much they love fucking their dads. But the more he hears about these boys taking their father’s hard dicks, the more turned on he gets. That’s all Marcus and Jack need to see: They get Cole undressed and service his huge cock.


Then Cole returns the favor, laying on his back so that he can suck Jack’s dick and get fucked by Marcus at the same time. They’re moaning with pleasure when Marcus’ father, Mr. Knox, catches them in the act! But instead of getting mad, he gets naked and takes a break from making Thanksgiving dinner to suck and kiss the boys, with special attention for his son.

And then comes the part that makes this one of the best videos in my collection. Jack’s dad Mr. Figata hears the commotion and decides to join in, too. He fucks his boy and kisses him deeply while Mr. Knox gets fucked by his own son, praising him for the deep pounding.

Cole strokes furiously as he watches the action, loving the way these fathers and sons take each other’s holes. By the time Marcus shoots a load inside his dad, with all the men cheering him on, nobody cares about the turkey anymore. They’re spent and happy and very, very thankful.

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