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Logan Aarons and Kam Stone talk about negotiating their relationship on-camera and off

by John Stevens
Jonah Wheeler is speaking with Logan Aarons and Kam Stone. Jonah Wheeler is a moustached man with a black short sleeved shirt, holding a lapel microphone in his right hand. Logan Aarons is a blonde man with a black tank top his right arm on the shoulder of his partner Kam Stone. Kam has short hair and is wearing a black t-shirt.

Our on-site correspondent Jonah Wheeler scored something of a 2-for-1 special in this exclusive GayVNs interview. Blonde, beautiful, and with a big ass, Logan Aarons sat down with Jonah Wheeler at the GayVNs to speak about what he enjoys most about his performances. Although this charming jock is vers, his bottoming is what his fans love (for obvious reasons.)

“I’ve been told I have a pretty good technique of ‘backing it up.’ When it catches on camera; doggystyle,” he tells Jonah with his arm sweeping in a wave.

But not only that, Logan is a fan of his kissing performance.

“I’m pretty fond of the kissing aspect… to make sure that it seems passionate. I can compartmentalize that so it seems sexy to the customer.”


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And to achieve this?

“I cheat, I’m cheating right now,” says Logan Aarons, bringing on the equally handsome Kam Stone, his partner and a fellow performer.

Performing with Kam Stone

Kam (exclusive at Alpha Studio Group) illuminates how being a performer in sex work has been for them, and what it’s like performing together. It’s refreshing how the relationship and sexual performance has ebbed and flowed for them:

“We actually tried it [collaborating] one time when we first got together and it didn’t go that well. We took a hiatus. Then we ended up doing just us [solely together] for a while, then took a break from everything except pro [work].”

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“Now we are here and we’ve decided to open our relationship for that reason,” explains Kam matter-of-factly.

“We’re excited to experience that together for the first time.”

The negotiation between what is working at each time for the two of them is one of delightful communication and one I certainly admire. Good work guys, can’t wait to see your scene together.

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