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Kyler Drayke always makes sure the bottom is having fun

Eddie Patrick seems to orgasm listening to Kyler

by John Stevens
Kyler Drayke, a caucasian man with a black baseball cap worn backwards is gesturing to his left ear with his left hand while describing kissing the ears. Eddie Patrick, to his right, has his mouth agape listening to Kyler while facing the camera. Eddie is wearing a purple T-shirt saying 'The Gay Goods' in white lettering. The men are speaking in front of a white background with 'The Gay Goods' written with purple lettering.

The odd thing about writing for porn is that, with all this exposure to sex, sexy men and the entire glossary of sex acts, you can get fatigue about sexual stuff. That’s just the nature of familiarity and repetition. But, I am revitalized hearing from “sensual top” Kyler Drayke speaking at the GayVN Awards. He’s all one could want: happy-go-lucky, uninhibited, and utterly sincere. Oh and he has a large uncut dick

Eddie Patrick asks his handsome friend (at The Gay Goods tent) what he would teach a class in, related to men. For Kyler it is all about being a “sensual top.”

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Eddie literally seemed close to orgasm listening to Kyler’s detailed description of how to satisfy his bottom. Eddie’s a professional, but I guess even from one porn star to another, Kyler’s dedication to the feelings of bottoms is awe inspiring.

“I always like to make sure the bottom is having fun,” says Kyler. Excuse me while I change my underwear—and maybe Eddie’s, too.

Kyler Drayke is represented by FabScout Models. You can find his OnlyFans content here.

Sources: FabScout Models, Instagram, OnlyFans

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