JustFor.Fans Announces Top Male Performers of 2020

See who made the cut for cis and trans male performers.

Proving that 2020 will always be with us, JustFor.Fans took the opportunity 11 days into 2021 to announce the top 15 cis and trans male performers of the year.
“We are the first porn site to not only acknowledge, but celebrate cis, trans and non-binary performers—which we are doing with this Top 15 list of JFF favorites,” JustFor.fans founder Dominic Ford said in a statement. “We’d like to share our appreciation so new JFF members can discover them and share their appreciation too!”
Leading the cis category is Phatrabbitkill2 (his bio reads, “alpha. dominant. aggressive. bi. total top. sir. king. bless me.”) while TripleXTransman tops the trans list. Also in the top 15 are popular JockPussy.com stars Ari Koyote and Tommy Tanner.
Check out the full lists below!

Top Cis Performers

  1. Phatrabbitkill2
  2. Rhyheimshabazz
  3. GriffinBarrowsX
  4. MaxKonnorxxx
  5. GabrielCrossXXX
  6. Ropetrainkeep
  7. CadeMaddoxxx
  8. RealMenFullBush
  9. DeepFillerNYC
  10. Lbadderz
  11. RafaelMovies
  12. The_Sharok
  13. HungerFF
  14. JohnThomasXXX
  15. RoccoSteeleNYC

Top Trans Male Performers

  1. TripleXTransman
  2. AriKoyoteFTM
  3. BillyVegaXXX
  4. StevieTrixx
  5. Izzyakino
  6. SheaButterTrans
  7. Leomercury
  8. Kinxstonfoxxx
  9. Puppomax
  10. TommyTannerFTM
  11. XXXZaktransman
  12. Logan_Knight69
  13. Jamal_Phoenix
  14. ConnorAtlasXXX
  15. Cobalt_FTM

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