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Lil Nas X Is a Proud Power Bottom—But There’s More to His Statement

by Mark Durane

Over the span of a week, Lil Nas X flaunted his core (justly so!), his sexuality, and now his preferred sexual position. And even in 2021, that last is still shocking. We don’t often hear major out celebrities discussing what they like to do in bed, let alone as directly and eloquently as Lil Nas X does.

The Church May Not Like Lil Nas X, But They Don’t Have Any Credibility Anyway.

After fielding outrage that he kissed another man on the BET Awards (while delivering a typically hot, impeccable performance), Lil Nas X joked that next time he might as well fuck a man on stage if an innocent kiss is going to lead to that much. MNaturally, that led to a follower asking if he’s a top or bottom. And this is how Lil Nas X replied:

Quick—name a single other celebrity who has ever been this open about the day-to-day practicality of being a gay man! We can say that our sex lives don’t have bearing on who we are… but then why have bottoms long been so shy about revealing their preference? Because we’re afraid that we will immediately be categorized as something other than how we want to be seen.

Lil Nas X, as so many 20somethings are, is showing us a different way. Instead of adjusting your candor to be seen how you want, why not tell your whole truth and make the world adjust their preconceptions? That this is a radical notion around sexuality even now says everything you need to know about bottom shame over the last 20 years. But down with shame, up with bottoms! After all, Lil Nas X has decreed it. And if we’ve learned anything from 2021, it’s that we’re all just living in Lil Nas X’s world.

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